Thursday, June 29, 2006


Summertime is the BEST season to grab an exciting book, hit the beach, and immerse yourself in a good read. Right now I am in the process of reading all of Michael Crichton's books. His JURASSIC PARK is one of my all-time faves, and I have since read THE LOST WORLD, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN, STATE OF FEAR, PREY, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY and now SPHERE......The last book I read was AFTERSHOCK by Chuck Scarborough. It mixed soapy elements with the fictional (?) reality of a major catastrophic earthquake epicentering in Manhattan. I enjoyed it, though it got to be monotonous at times....Three other authors I recommend are Clive Barker, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. If you like techno-thrillers and theme parks, you MUST read Lincoln Child's UTOPIA.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Random Hottie Alert: Fall TV Edition

Here is a list (in no particular order) of some of the hottest guys who will be on our tellies this fall [Note: Feel free to add your own tv male obsessions]....1. Taye Diggs (Daybreak, ABC)....2. Andy Samburg (Saturday Night Live, NBC).....3. Skeet Ulrich (Jericho, CBS)....4. Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy, ABC)....5. Tom Welling (Smallville, CW).....6. Mark Valley (Boston Legal, ABC), 7. Josh Holloway, Naveen Andrews, Daniel Day-Kim (Lost, ABC), 10. Ricardo Chivira (Desperate Housewives, ABC), 11. Wentworth Miller (Prison Break, FOX), 12. David Boreanaz (Bones, FOX), 13. Ryan Seachrest (American Idol, FOX), 14. Jared Padelecki (Supernatural, CW), 15. Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas, NBC)

Saturday, June 24, 2006



Friday, June 23, 2006

First photo is of my lips and a couple of flicks of mine where a lot of kissing went on. The other pic is the cover of a book I am in interviewed in called STARZ

Must Love Dogs

...or any sweet pet for that matter. I used to have this thing against cats until we rescued two strays from death. Now they are just as much a part of the family as my dogs are. So yeah, I am kind of a huge advocate for pets and pet safety.

This little peanut pictured here is Cory. I got him 4 years ago, shortly after I played Cory in TIGHT ENDS & WIDE RECEIVERS. So I guess he is the product of my porn character. He is a long-haired chihuahua who loves chew flips and carrying around dog bones 5 times his size. He appeared briefly in STORM DRAIN from Helix Studios. My other dog is a 4 year old Italian Greyhound named Nikita Marie Clarisse. She has appeared in DIRECT DEPOSIT and HOLE MILK (in NON SEXUAL roles, of course)


I am going to be posting Retro Pix of myself periodically to this blog site. Bare butt pix will continue, but I will be editing frontal shots to avoid any kiddies from peeking. I also wont be able to show my spread-open butthole shots. However, for all this and more, just go to for hard cocks, full open hole shots and cum shots up the ass.

Okay, back to the Retro: This photo was taken of me back in winter 2000 for my friends Bryce and Shannon in St Louis. The photo layout appeared at


Last month I posted my SUMMER TV TOP TEN. Here is how it read:.......10. Noah's Arc (LOGO)....9. Life On Mars (BBC)....8. I Wanna Be A Soap Star (SOAPnet)....7. Treasure Hunters (NBC)....6. Windfall (NBC).....5. America's Got Talent (NBC).....4. Nightmares & Dreamscapes (TNT)....3. Hex (BBC).....2. Entourage (HBO)....1. Project Runway (Bravo)...............................OKAY, so now it is almost July and let me revisit things. For starters, Noah's Arc, Life On Mars, Nightmares and Dreamscapes and Project Runway have still to air. As for the others, I found HEX to be a bore in its first outing, as I did WINDFALL. So both shows are no longer on my TiVo. I lost interest in TREASURE HUNTERS before it even aired and I have since rid it, too, of any viewing time. Entourge is still awesome, and a great show to watch this summer if you havent already. And the two best surprises are: I WANNA BE A SOAPSTAR (even though Lucas, my favorite, was "killed off" first) and AMERICAS GOT TALENT.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The film is finished and has been sent off to the duplicators. But the awesome news here is that the movie (originally slated to be 2 hours) ran long, but instead of cutting down the sex, we went ahead and released the movie in its 2 and 1/2 hour entirety. Plus we included 30 minutes of extras (including a cumpilation reel and a Super Bloopers & Practical Pokes segment) to make the final edit a 3 hour event.

Friday, June 16, 2006


This blog is about gay sexuality, soft & hard. If you've come here by accident, GET OUT now !

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More BUTT, please!

I was emailed recently with a request to show my butt more. Sooooo.....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer TV: First Check

The Summer TV 2006 has just gotten underway, and here are my reports on 3 of the shows I was looking forward to seeing: ....LOVESPRING INTERNATIONAL (LIFETIME): I had high hopes for this sitcom from WILL & GRACE vet Eric McCormack, but it's THE OFFICE-inspired style left me bored. I am actually not even a fan of THE OFFICE (though to be fair I am basing this on my conclusion from it's first season. I have not seen THE OFFICE SEASON 2), so a weaker version of a show I don't even like to begin with leaves me disappointed. I should probably give LI another episode to see if it improves, but I have so little TV watching time as it is that I have to pass this one up.....WINDFALL (NBC): An interesting premise in a show that is actually enjoyable in a summer soap opera-y kind of way. But NBC seems to have little interest in supporting WINDFALL (it was picked up after FOX passed on it's pilot and was supposed to air mid-season, but was later kicked to the curb and found it's airdates to be the summer), that I find it hard to invest in the characters in a show that has about a 1% chance of ever seeing a second season. Of course, if the ratings wow the powers that be I will then have to invest in a DVD of season 1 and see if I become hooked on it at that time)....I WANNA BE A SOAPSTAR (SOAPnet): Now that TOP CHEF is over and PROJECT RUNWAY 3 doesnt air until July 12, I knew I needed to find a show that would satisfy my Reality TV fix. Traditionally I like to be invested in only one reality TV show at a time. With AMERICAS GOT TALENT starting next week, I may just have to watch two reality shows at the same time (assuming TALENT is good) because SOAPSTAR is DEFINITELY good. I never saw the first two seasons of IWBASS, but became immediately hooked with season 3. The winner of this show receives a 13-week player contract on ABCs ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Since I have acting in my blood, this is an obvious reality show that would interest me.....OTHER SHOWS COMING UP THAT I WILL BE WATCHING: ENTOURAGE Season 3 (I am a big fan of this HBO show), HEX (BBC: I am looking forward to this British BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SHOW- which promises male nudity), LUCKY LOUIE (the first live studio audience sitcom on HBO)


A couple of months ago I purchased SEASON 1 of UPN's VERONICA MARS on DVD. From the very first episode to the very last episode, my partner and I were hooked on with this show. And the season finale of Season 1 did not disappoint in the least. In fact, we were bouncing off the walls with the twists and turns the show took at revealing who the murderer of Lily Kane was. I find Kristen Bell (who plays Veronica) to be one of those incredible actresses with that certain 'IT' factor that is so rare to find.

The show just finished it's second season on UPN, and the SEASON 2 DVD gets released August 22nd. I will be buying it and watching it -- JUST in time to get caught up with all the plots before The CW premieres Season 3 this fall.

Kristen Bell will also be starring in THE PULSE (With LOST boy Ian Somerhalder) - in theaters on July 14th. The two leads will be the reason why I go see THE PULSE. If the film is actually good will just be icing on the cake.

Friday, June 09, 2006

STORM SURGE now available!

STORM SURGE is now available for pre-order. It ships out the week of June 26th. You can order online at or by calling 1-888-523-5623


Here are the ten shows I am most looking forwad to seeing on tv this summer:....10. Noah's Arc (LOGO)....9. Life On Mars (BBC)....8. I Wanna Be A Soap Star (SOAPnet)....7. Treasure Hunters (NBC)....6. Windfall (NBC).....5. America's Got Talent (NBC).....4. Nightmares & Dreamscapes (TNT)....3. Hex (BBC).....2. Entourage (HBO)....1. Project Runway (Bravo)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SURGE-ing ahead!

Cre8tive Juices is just a couple of weeks away from releasing our third feature film, THE STORM CHRONICLES: CATEGORY 3: STORM SURGE. This is the first of two films centering around fictional Hurricane Oliver. I had the idea for these two movies about four years ago. At that time I was thinking about my own bareback video company and the type of movies that I wanted to do for it. I decided to do a play on my last name and make a hurricane-themed film. At that time South Florida hadn't had any hurricanes for a LONG time...who could have predicted that about 5 or 6 would hit in the last two years alone. Knowing that I wanted to eventually make STORM SURGE and it's follow-up, I had the camera out and rolling during Hurricanes Frances, Jeanne, Dennis and Wilma. Most of the footage we caught will appear in the follow-up to STORM SURGE. But for STORM SURGE we have all of the sex and pre-storm shenanigans that take place leading up to the storm itself making landfall. The movie is really entertaining and includes our first 3 way, our first ass-shaving scene, our first shrimping scene and my first time peeing on film. The movie is also notable for having a full sex scene of me getting barebacked from 2001, complete with the HOTTEST cum-shot I've ever filmed. This footage has been sitting on a shelf for the last 5 years because having shown it any earlier would have hurt my porn career at the time. But now that I am doing bareback films, it just made sense to finally be able to release it and to show the world Sean Storm getting barebacked as a "twink".

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I am a big fan of THE X-MEN, mainly because I see the theme of homosexuality running throughout them...and also because there are a lot of hot mutants out there. So this third entry in the popular series was an eagerly anticipated one. BUT DAMN IF I WASN'T LET DOWN with this. I really don't want to spoil things for anyone, but MUTANTS DIE IN THIS ONE. ANd not just minor ones, but MAJOR ONES. So what I hoped would be a rip-roaring, fun, enjoyable film instead turned into a nightmare of sorts. And I have to say, when I left the theater I was depressed. It's never easy to see characters you love bite the dust.... I know, that's life. But its not what I want to see in a movie like this. I dont want to see STRONG characters end up losing all their powers by the end of the movie, or worse, dead. I also thought the special effects sucked, and for some reason the movie seemed way too short. But maybe that's a good thing. Because if the film ran any longer, maybe even my favorite mutant ICEMAN would have croaked too. C