Sunday, March 18, 2007

JUICED: The Choice is Yours!

Viewers of JUICED: THE NEED TO BREED will have the choice to see the sex scenes with music or see the sex scenes with no background music. If you choose to watch the movie without the music you will still hear the natural sounds and moans and groans. I know not everyone likes background music pumped into their porn - I, in fact, am completely mixed on the topic. At times, I just want the naturalness of sex, but at others the music can certainly facillitate a scene and make it more powerful. In any event, the CHOICE is yours to make. HAPPY STROKING, guys! And girls, hope you enjoy the hell out of it, too! ;-)


Blogger Kaji said...

w00t first reply yay... i hate it when theres some really hot scene going and the backgroud music drowns all the sound out... although there are times when you can really tell the guys in it are not really into it.... and thats when the music goes best.... that and during diagloge and certain solo scenes. personaly though i usualy prefer the drama in porn over the sex... the sex is what gets me off but if its a really good plot i edge then stay afterwords and get to be all like "aww its so sad ='< "

oh btw i've always wanted to ask someone this ... when you act in something do they give you a copy of it when your done? ... its a really random question i know but ive just wanted to ask it for a while... lol

2:17 PM  
Blogger Kaji said...

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2:36 PM  
Blogger KingRoper said...

Wow! What a GREAT idea! Usually the music in porn is so annoying to me... I think this is the best new idea in porn since Treasure Island began subtitling things that you'd normally have to rewind a few times to catch...

Need I say I'm looking forward to its release? Well, I am! What I like so much about your movies, Sean, is that you're not afraid to take a risk - putting humor with sexuality, for example. Keep up the great work!

9:58 PM  
Blogger spinnierandy said...

Where in Canada can someone get their own copy of Storm Drain?
Please There are only the hottest scenes ever
" THis S.E.A.N. stud's acting ! WOW ! He's HOT HOT HOT !
Nice to visit and read what you like :o)
C H E E R S !

8:05 PM  

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