Monday, July 17, 2006


I was a HUGE "FACTS OF LIFE" fan growing up. I enjoyed the stories and thought the best came when Edna opened EDNA'S EDIBLES and then OVER OUR HEADS. The show suffered when Cloris Leachman took over, but still endured for ten seasons on NBC. I wanted that damn little show to go on forever. ....Last month FACTS OF LIFE SEASONS 1 and 2 came out on DVD. If anyone would like to throw his or her own two cents in I would like to know who your favorites. In order here are mine: 1. BLAIR (yes, she was beautiful, but she also had a heart, which became warmer throughout the show), 2. MRS GARRETT (She was a smart cookie by leaving Gary Coleman behind for a school for girls), 3. JO (I didnt like her back when the show was on, but catching her on the DVD made me realize I was wrong. She is awesome....and a lesbian to boot), 4. TOOTIE (Easily the best comedian of the girls), 5. NATALIE (Often annoying, but always smiling). FYI: Of all the actresses who appeared on THE FACTS OF LIFE it was young PRETTY IN PINK herself, MOLLY RINGWALD, who went on to have the most successful career (but what a BRAT she was on FACTS)

Monday, July 10, 2006

KYLE XY: My New Obsession

Okay, I just checked out a reallllly good show on ABCFamily (Ripley would be proud) called KYLE XY starring Matt Dallas. The show sure knew how to hook THIS GAY GUY by starting things out with hottie Dallas wandering nude and confused in a forest. Is Kyle a clone? Is Kyle an alien? Is Kyle a computer? Is Kyle my next boyfriend??? It's all interesting, if not a little lacking on the acting (but I can overlook this on a network like ABCFamily. In fact, I was surprised the show revealed as much as it DID). I just finished episode 3 tonight, and I have to say: HOOKED!........I also caught up on my ENTOURAGE fix tonight by watching Episodes 3, 4 and 5. It's ironic that in the series, Vince's movie AQUAMAN just beat out the opening weekend gross of SPIDER-MAN (AM's 116-mill to S-M's 115-mill) to become the most successful film of all time -- just as PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'sCHEST just opened at 132 million last weekend (blowing the fictional AQUAMAN out of the water!!!). But anyway, ENTOURAGE has become excellent comfort television for me. This show has that "something special" where you root for these guys (even Ari) and become totally engrossed in Vince's rise to the top (and eventual fall?).....and WOW..just 2 more days until season 3 of PROJECT RUNWAY (I'm sure Julie is jumping up and down right now reading this).....and still to watch this summer: I am going to give Sci-Fi's EUREKA and HGTV's DESIGN STAR chances to make a fan out of me. ...OH, and AMERICA'S GOT TALENT on NBC has become a great summertime TV escape.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

In Praise of Bareback Friendly Studios!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank RAGING STALLION STUDIOS and CENTAUR FILMS for their unbiased decision to hire models based on talent. These two studios hire models who have and who have not done bareback video work, and for that I am appreciative. There are still a lot of major studios out there who will not hire you if you have done a bareback film. It's as if they are punishing the model for having autonomy and freedom of choice to pick and choose the movies they want to do. I have shot 7 films for Centaur (MAN ACADEMY 1 and 2, TIGHT ENDS & WIDE RECEIVERS 1 and 2, NAVY BLUES, MAN HUNTER, and PLAYING FOR KEEPS and I will be shooting my eighth movie for the studio in a couple of months) and 4 films for Raging Stallion (GAY DREAMS 2, PARTY IN THE REAR, THE SHAFT and HOLE SWEET HOLE). I am curious to hear if anyone has a favorite Centaur or a favorite Raging Stallion movie of mine that they would like to share here.