Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My connection to UGLY BETTY's Wilemina

Okay, this one is kind of embarrassing, but here it goes. Back when I was in high school I was discovering my attraction toward guys. It haunted me that I might be gay, so I went through an 8 month period where I did not jack off thinking about guys. Instead, I could only jack off to looking at pictures of women. It would sometimes take me an HOUR to get a hard-on looking at nude girl pix. And the only porn I had access to was the one magazine that my Dad had in his drawer: the infamous Penthouse issue featuring Miss America Vanessa Williams posed on the cover with George Burns. I can still see the future UGLY BETTY actress fully nude and macking with another unknown female actress. I can't tell you the number of times (and HOURS) spent looking at her naked in order to get a boner just to prove that I wasnt gay. WRONG! Not only am I gay, but now its conceivably possible that Miss Williams has seen me naked too. Sure, highly improbable...but still possible. (WINK)

Monday, February 26, 2007


SEEING A MAN'S ASS in a movie: was Peter Gallaghers fine hairy and toned butt (and cock, for that matter) in SUMMER LOVERS. I remember catching it on HBO when the peeps were asleeps. Other childhood butt memories I have are of the Arab prisoner who gets stripped naked, turned over and has his hairy cheeks spread apart in the Diane Keaton movie LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL, the character Meat running naked from the flophouse in PORKY'S, the teens running bare-assed down the street in THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS and Richard Gere showing off his beautiful behind via a jockstrap in LOOKING FOR MR GOODBAR (yet another Diane Keaton movie).

Saturday, February 24, 2007


It happens in a second.
A thought. A photo. Even one word can trigger It.
Anytime. Anywhere.
It's magical and it's powerful. And perfectly natural.
It's The Need To Breed.
Eight totally raw scenes with 12 totally horny, cum-hungry models. "JUICED: THE NEED TO BREED" is CJ's first all-sex release of cock-sucking, cum-eating, ass-licking, finger-poking, bareback-butt-fucking action.
Sean Storm, Drew Peters, Erik Austin, Colin Knight, John Kelly and Jarred James all have one goal: Each wants to get his butt JUICED! And Brad McGuire, Chris Neal, Kevin Slater, Bo Knight, Aaron Young and Ian Rawlings all have one urge in mind: The Need To Breed! Together, these tops and bottoms come together to create an incredible hardcore masterpiece to be enjoyed over and over and over again.
Do YOU have the Need?


Unfortunately I can't TRULY pick the Best Picture of this year's five nominees because I never got a chance to see BABEL. With that aside, of the other four contenders I would have to name LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA as my favorite. But first, the other 3: I know LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE has all this front-runner buzz going on, but I just fail to see how this movie got to be in this contest at ALL. Yes, it's cute and has some really nice , ahem, little scenes, but the movie didnt make me cry, and as a comedy I sure as heck don't remember laughing all that much. The ending had too much of a Feel-Good vibe going on for it, too. This movie may deserve a Spirit Award, but not an Oscar. And I know it was flawed, but the shut-out DREAMGIRLS was a superior movie to SUNSHINE. Next up: THE DEPARTED. This was a very violent movie, though it was, ahem, executed very well by Scorcese. But again, was it the best picture of the year? Hardly. I reviewed THE DEPARTED a few months back in my blog, by the way. I can't say I was, ahem again, blown away by the movie, but I am okay with it being in the Top Five films. I just don't think it deserves the win. Finally, THE QUEEN. This movie was really entertaining. Director Stephen Frears did an admirable job of handling what could have been caricatures of Tony Blair and Queen E. Instead, I was handed insight, albeit dramatized, into the lives of these larger than life people. I also liked the blending of the real-life footage of Diana and those close to her. It all combined to make an effective time capsule of the tragedy of Diana's death and the media circus that soon followed. Give Mirren the statue, definitely. But the movie just didn't feel BIG or IMPORTANT enough to win Best Picture. That leaves me with my choice: LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA. This movie did the amazing: it actually had me rooting for the "enemy" (the Japanese, circa WW2). Eastwood did an amazing job making me feel for and finally understand that ALL soldiers (be them American, Japanese and, more timely, Middle Eastern) have fears, have families, and have faults. This is the type of movie that we should force our Commanders In Chiefs to watch ad nauseum so that they can GET IT, already! LETTERS was moving, gripping, poignant, refreshing and the Best of the five.


I just checked out Hollywood Deepthroat's blog:

A few weeks ago, HD got some of my own blog readers curious as to who he is. So I did some digging of my own and found his site..and LOVED IT! It has the perfect mix of Gay Hollywood (Remember Danny Pintauro of WHO'S THE BOSS? Wanna see him naked?), Gay Porn (it was fun seeing Pete Ross's video clip - who happened to nail my ass raw in San Fran in 2004), and a cool devotion to guys in the biz (even the straight Eric Balfour types).

So if you love Entertainment, and if you love Porn, and if you love Men, check it out.

Friday, February 23, 2007


I flipped through the pages of the February 26, 2007 issue of OK! Magazine and chose these guys as HOTTIES:

*"CRASH" co-star Ryan Phillipe (Page 10)
*Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz (Page 11)
*TV Producer David E Kelley (Page 31)
*Greek heir Stavros Niarchos (Page 35)
*"LOST" stud Josh Holloway (Page 35)
*Simon Cowell (Page 47) Just Kidding
*"Entourage" producer Mark Wahlberg (Page 57)
*Lenny Kravitz (Page 67)
*O.C. stud Adam Brody (Page 84)
*The best 007 Daniel Craig (Page 92)
*"The Amityville Horror" hottie Ryan Reynolds (Page 98)

Q: And who of the above would I MOST want to fuck my ass?
A: Ryan Phillipe, followed by Daniel Craig and (un)-wrapped up by Ryan Reynolds

CINDY: "LOST"....and Found!

After a lackluster Fall, ABC's LOST is slowly gaining some creative traction again. I am still jonesing for more screentime to the original cast, but I have to say that Juliet is a great add. But best of all is the return of one of my favorite characters: flight-attendant Cindy. She was seen in the pilot, then made a brief return in the second season when the Tailies showed up. She then was abducted - never to be seen or heard of again - until last week when she resurfaced. I just hope another year doesn't have to go by before we get a look at Cindy once again.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Funniest. Show. Ever.
Okay, so maybe I shouldn't say that. I don't want to get a lot of angry posts on why people think it isnt.
Instead: Funnest Show On Television Right Now.
Hmmm..but wait. Someone is probably saying: "I thought Sean said Ugly Betty was the funniest show on television", or "I thought Sean said that How I Met Your Mother was the funniest show on television", or " I thought Sean said that Little Britain was the funniest show on television" (actually that last one was for the funniest sketch comedy show on television).
Perhaps I should just say that THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM is funny as shit.
There, now no one can argue about THAT. (Um, at least I HOPE).

Friday, February 09, 2007


Is exactly what I would have said if BRAVOs TOP DESIGN was a terrible knock-off of it's mother PROJECT RUNWAY. Instead, I am hooked on this reality drama. It's amazing what a better budget can do, since the similarly themed HGTV DESIGN STAR bombed creatively last year. As for Bravo's now-trifecta of reality wonders (RUNWAY and TOP CHEF being the other two), it nearly rivals RUNWAY in entertainment value. The challenges are fun, the judges are inspiring (though none of them are Simon Cowell-mean). I hope host Todd Oldham gets a little more engaging, but for the time being he makes a pleasant Tim Gunn quasi-clone. As of this blog entry, nine designers remain. As each person leaves, the head judge adioses with 'see you later, decorator'. That part is a little cheesy, I admit. But overall TOP DESIGN feeds my jones until PROJECT RUNWAY returns.

Thursday, February 08, 2007



Hey everyone! I bet you are surprised to be receiving a STORM ALERT, aren't you? Well, I actually haven't gone anywhere. Instead I have been writing my blog for two-plus years now and I active and proud of my 6-year old Yahoo Fan Group. So instead of writing monthly STORM ALERTS I have instead decided to send the newsletter out on a Need-To-Know basis. And this first issue back is ALL about the recent 2007 Adam Gay Video Directory, which happens to be the bible for porn stars and fans alike.

*THE STORM CHRONICLES: EPISODE 3: STORM SURGE just became the FIRST bareback movie to ever be reviewed in the Adam Gay Video Directory. I flipped through the AGVD today and I didn't see any other bareback movie reviewed: just ours! It made me so proud to see it in the pages that the 3 out of 5 stars it received barely registered. To have a bareback movie get this kind of attention is a HUGE breakthrough for performers and studios in this genre. I know its just one movie, but maybe next year it will be five..then maybe ten. Then other deserving bareback studios such as Treasure Island, HDK and Helix can start getting some serious attention to. You see, bareback movies are not looked kindly upon in the condom industry.
*Did you know that bareback movies are not eligible to win awards at the Gay Video News Awards OR The Grabby Awards [But they are eligible to win awards at the European Gay Video Awards, to be handed out in May]
*Did you know that studios such as Titan and Rascal and Michael Lucas won't hire a model if they have done bareback? [This IS starting to change however as more and more popular models are doing both. Soon, there might not be enough condom-only performers to even perform in them]
*Did you know that the trade publication Gay Video News will run bareback movie ads and will list when a bareback title gets released, but they will NOT review and rate them? [Yet straight bareback porn is regularly reviewed and are regularly nominated for awards]
*Again, I am totalllllly happy to have STORM SURGE in the AGVD, and I can appreciate most of the criticism: except for this one item. In the review it is said that at three hours "a bit of pruning would be prudent for future installments" I guess I dont understand this. The reason I made the movie 3 hours was because I thought the value of buying this movie would be more with it with the more content on display. Am I missing something here? I encourage people to email me with their reactions. I mean, do you guys want our movies to be only 90 minutes or 2 hours?

*The first time I ever referred to myself as a porn star wasn't in 1999 (when I shot Frat Boy Sean & Friends), or even 2000 (the year of Man Academy). Nope, my first self-proclamation of being a porn star was when I saw my pic and bio in the 2001 edition of the AGVD. My ONLY movie released in 2006 was STORM SURGE, so I anticipated not making it in the bible for the first time in 7 years. WRONG AGAIN! Next year won't even be a worry since I will have Centaur's MARINE CRUCIBLE 2 on my resume - even if the AGVD suddenly stops running bareback reviews (I will find out what the reaction to STORM SURGE was and then will share once i find out)
*Every year when I buy the AGVD I like to go through the STARS section and count the number of guys I have had sex with. The number kept getting larger and larger until a couple years ago. Once I started doing all the bareback titles, none of my co-stars were in the directory. So now each year it dwindles. But here they are anyway:
*Joshua Adams (I fisted him in HOLE SWEET HOLE)
*Brendan Austin (We were in the 6-man scene in GAY DREAMS 2)
*Jay Black (He fucked me rooftop in GAY DREAMS 2)
*Michael Brandon (He fucked me like crazy in PARTY IN THE REAR)
*Alex Brawley (He sucked my cock in a scene in DIRECT DEPOSIT)
*Maxx Diesel (He pounded me in TRY ME ON FOR SIZE)
*Brent Everett (He fucked me in the gang bang finale of NAVY BLUES)
*Jason Hawke (He fucked me in SEX PIGS, VOL. 1)
*Bo Knight (He fucks me in the upcoming JUICED)
*Tony Mecelli (He nailed me in THE SEEKER)
*Chris Neal (He fucked me for a rawdition for inclusion in a future CJ MEDIA flick)
*Brad Rock (He fucked me in HARD AS ROCK)
*Pete Ross (He fucked me off-camera once)
*Taurus (He fucked me off-camera once)
[That brings the total to 14 this year. I think it was over 20 last year]

*I only made one movie last year, STORM SURGE, which you already know made into the directory. However, I also made a fisting movie for Raging Stallion called HOLE SWEET HOLE at the end of 2004. The movie was officially released at the end of 2005, making it not available in time to be printed in the 2006 AGVD. This year it made it (look for a photo of me fisting Joshua Adams in the included pic)

*Every year the Adam Gay Video Directory lists movies from the last 15 years or so that rate as classics. Here are the movies that I was in that are in their "MUST SEE MOVIES" section:
*Closed Set: The New Crew (MSR: 2002)
*Homecoming (Studio 2000, 2003)
*Man Academy (Centaur: 2000)
*Man Academy 2: Rites of Passage (Centaur: 2002)
*Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig (Centaur: 2003)
*Open Trench 2: Fuck Fantasies (Sports & Rec: 2002)
*Monster Bang #6: Party In The Rear (Raging Stallion: 2005)
*Sex Pigs, Volume 1 (MSR: 2004)
*The Shaft (Raging Stallion: 2005)
*Tight Ends & Wide Receivers, Part 2 (Centaur: 2001)
[However, it is my belief that the following movies were just as excellent: PLAYING FOR KEEPS, TIGHT ENDS PART 1, and GAY DREAMS 2]

*There is an extensive list of movies and performers and directors who have won trophies at the Gay Video News Awards, The Grabbys, Men in Video Awards, and the Gay Entertainment Awards. My only trophies from the condom world were for my solo scene in OPEN TRENCH 2: FUCK FANTASIES - where I kinda swept the GVNs, Grabbys and Gay Entertainment Awards that year. I don't anticipate ever being nominated again due to the bareback controversy - but then again I never thought I would ever appear in the AGVD again either]

****************Well guys, that concludes this special Adam Gay Video Directory edition of THE STORM ALERT. Look for the next issue of the ALERT in the next couple months. It will cover my newest releases: JUICED from Cre8tive Juices and MARINE CRUCIBLE 2 from Centaur Films****************************

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Sure, it doesnt hurt that all three shows are quality programs, but I have to wonder if three big-screen hits didn't have something to do with successes of UGLY BETTY, HEROES and the on-going success of SMALLVILLE.

First, UGLY BETTY found it's own tone after the success of the similar themed story of a fish-out-of-the-water girl getting hired on to do assistant work at a high-fashion print magazine. To be fair, UGLY BETTY has been around for a long time in various forms in other countries and was picked up to go to series long before PRADA succeeded at the box office. But PRADA's summer success sure didn't hurt BETTY's mojo when BETTY got the coveted Thursday at 8PM timeslot before GREYS ANATOMY on ABC.

Next, XMEN: THE LAST STAND was a huge box office winner last summer. People's appetite to see normal people with various super powers uniting to fight evil certainly didn't hurt HEROES success. But HEROES ditched the tights and went for realism...and succeeded on its own terms. Also, HEROES had a difficult time slot opposite TWO AND A HALF MEN (the top rated sitcom on television) and PRISON BREAK (the buzzed about FOX show that ditched the prison confines). It also didnt bode well for HEROES that STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP ended up being such a dud for the NBC network. Still, HEROES managed to attract a huge audience, making it one of NBC's biggest success stories in the last 3 years.

Finally, SMALLVILLE continues to do well, though I wonder if SUPERMAN RETURNS had performed better at the box office that SMALLVILLE would be performing better for the CW. But at 200+ million dollars, SUPERMAN RETURNS was hardly a dud. And it's hard to mess with hottie Tom Welling. That stud is super Yum!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


You learn something new each day, I guess. I had a nice surprise today when I found out that STORM SURGE had been nominated in several EGPA's! I'm not sure when the voting ends, but I went ahead today and logged onto and voted. If you havent had a chance to yet, I encourage you to do the same - if not to support me, but to support the awards themselves. A large number of bareback films are in the running, and this seems to be one of the only venues for bareback films to get any accolades for the work that goes into them. As you may or may not know, the Gay Video News Awards and The Grabby Awards do NOT support bareback films - only the condom flicks. And, unfortunately, Bareback Jack stopped running The Spoogie Awards after the 2004 Bareback Jack Awards were handed out.
So please support the European Gay Porn Awards before they disappear, too.
And, if you were a fan of THE STORM CHRONICLES: EPISODE 3: STORM SURGE for the work that Ian Rawlings and I put into it, I encourage you to give consideration for STORM SURGE in the 8 Awards it is eligible for:

BEST DIRECTOR: Ian Rawlings/Sean Storm (STORM SURGE)

And also vote for these awards that aren't specific to STORM SURGE:

BEST STUDIO: Cre8tive Juices
LA BRANLETTE D'OR: Sean Storm (This award is presented to an individual who has made an important contribution to gay porn)



Hypothetical situation: Sean Storm is straight. Who would he have a crush on?

15. Elizabeth Banks (Scrubs)
14. Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars)
13. Evangeline Lilly (Lost)
12. Andrea Anders (The Class)
11. Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty)
10. Colbie Smolders (How I Met Your Mother)
9. Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives)
8. Becki Newton (Ugly Betty)
7. Salma Hayek (Ugly Betty)
6. Hayden Panettiere (Heroes)
5. Ashley Scott (Jericho)
4. Amanda Peet (Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip)
3. Jeri Ryan (Shark)
2. Rebecca Romijn (Ugly Betty)
1. Ali Larter (Heroes)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Alexis #2

UGLY BETTY, already my favorite show on TV, just got a whole lot more fun with the addition of Rebecca Romijn as the transgendered Alexis Mead. HOLY COW - the Fashion Week episode that aired last Thursday was a HOOT from start to finish, and the addition of Alexis brings a whole new level of guilty fun in watching Golden Globe winner UGLY BETTY

Friday, February 02, 2007

Hollywood Deepthroat

I know the Title to this particular blog entry got at least SOMEONE'S attention.

Now, I don't who Hollywood Deepthroat is, and I certainly don't mean to draw too much attention to him (or her) other than to reveal one of my little obsessions, which is I have this curiosity at times wondering which gay actors have watched me get fuck in one of my films. It's hot to think that Neil Patrick Harris - one of my favorite actors - might actually be a fan of mine right back in return.

But of course it wouldn't make sense for an actor to say he is a fan of mine, even if he is already out of the closet. The fact that the work I do is PORN brings with it perhaps an image-tarnishing. And I TOTALLY understand all that. But it's still hot as hell for me to know - or at least fantasize - that a popular actor might have seen me doing the nasty on film. After all - celebrities are people, too. And we ALL have to pop a load SOME time.

So thanks, Hollywood Deepthroat, for being the catalyst to my little 'reveal'.

Hi Julie!!!! Okay...TOP CHEF time!

So who is Julie you ask? Well, she is someone who found my Blog just when TOP CHEF was ending and PROJECT RUNWAY 3 was beginning. We bonded on that issue,, and I just wanted to say hello and talk about the winner of TOP CHEF 2.

I have to admit I cheated with TC2. I watched the first 2 episodes and then picked it up again during the final 3, which culminated in the win of Ilan. I was soooo frickin disappointed. I wanted Marcel to take it home. Granted, I didnt see him until the end, but of the two I thought Marcel was far more poised than Ilan. Ilan couldnt get enough of taking Marcel down, even smiling with glee when he almost got to pee on Marcel's hand following a fish-sting bite in Hawaii. Marcel was also subjected to physical harrassment when a few of the chefs joked about shaving his hair off. Poor Marcel! I guess I also love an underdog story..and Marcel seemed to be getting picked on by everyone else (again, remember, i didnt see the episodes in the middle so i dont know how much of the harassment Marcel indeed had coming to him)

But on the challenge alone, I feel Marcel stepped out of the box, whereas Ilan played it safe.

In any event, it's over. TOP CHEF 3 has been ordered, by the way.