Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SURGE-ing ahead!

Cre8tive Juices is just a couple of weeks away from releasing our third feature film, THE STORM CHRONICLES: CATEGORY 3: STORM SURGE. This is the first of two films centering around fictional Hurricane Oliver. I had the idea for these two movies about four years ago. At that time I was thinking about my own bareback video company and the type of movies that I wanted to do for it. I decided to do a play on my last name and make a hurricane-themed film. At that time South Florida hadn't had any hurricanes for a LONG time...who could have predicted that about 5 or 6 would hit in the last two years alone. Knowing that I wanted to eventually make STORM SURGE and it's follow-up, I had the camera out and rolling during Hurricanes Frances, Jeanne, Dennis and Wilma. Most of the footage we caught will appear in the follow-up to STORM SURGE. But for STORM SURGE we have all of the sex and pre-storm shenanigans that take place leading up to the storm itself making landfall. The movie is really entertaining and includes our first 3 way, our first ass-shaving scene, our first shrimping scene and my first time peeing on film. The movie is also notable for having a full sex scene of me getting barebacked from 2001, complete with the HOTTEST cum-shot I've ever filmed. This footage has been sitting on a shelf for the last 5 years because having shown it any earlier would have hurt my porn career at the time. But now that I am doing bareback films, it just made sense to finally be able to release it and to show the world Sean Storm getting barebacked as a "twink".


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