Thursday, May 26, 2005


PERSONAL LIFE: 3 STAR WARS 3: Big huge summer movie...i just wish Lucas would have spent a little more time on getting these actors to ACT! No question that the effects arent great, but what the movies don't have is a soul. EMPIRE STRIKES BACK will forever be the best of the series (a movie NOT directed by Lucas) ........................................ AMERICAN IDOL FINALS: Well, my boy BO lost to country girl CARRIE. She is a sweetie and I am sure will fit the IDOL role well. I just dont think I will buy her music. Instead, I will just wait for Bo to release his record and then kick back and enjoy some great rock tunes. ........................................................................................................................................TASTY FOOD I just fell in love with Cinnamon Crunch bagels from Panera Bread. Add some of their lite hazel walnut cream spread and you are in for a delicious snack.


PORN LIFE AS PERSONAL LIFE: 3 JACKHAMMER PREMIERE PARTY FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT On Saturday, May 28, I will be at the Jackhammer Bar in Ft Lauderdale bringing Cre8tive Juices' DIRECT DEPOSIT to the club. We will play the movie, throw out 12 copies of the video to the crowd and also have a model talent search for the next movie, which is in production. On the Friday night before the movie (HOLY CRAP..that's tomorrow!) I will be doing a 1 on 1 scene with big-dicked Buddy Long, then on Saturday is the premiere party, and Sunday I shoot a 1 on 1 scene with Brad McGuire (who ALMOST fucked me in MAN HUNTER, and who I also appeared with in HIS TERRIBLE TWIN and CLOSED SET: THE NEW CREW....but in all three movies we never this will consummate all that)..SHOULD BE FUN FUN FUN! Otherwise, casting continues on Part 2 (tentatively titled HOLE). It was a little rough finding models on Part 1, but its been a whole lot of easier for Part 2. YAY!


PORN LIFE: 3 THE GRABBY AWARDS This weekend in Chicago is the porn world's only awards show open to the public to attend. I went to the Grabby's 3 years ago, missed it the following year when I won for Best Solo in OPEN TRENCH 2, and then skipped it last year (I was too busy getting fucked over at the Hyatt for Cum-Sloppy Buttholes). Now that the Gay Video News Awards are closed to only nominees at The Rage in West Hollywood, The Grabby's, in my opinion, is THE awards show to get excited about. I won't be able to make it to the Grabby's this year (staying in Ft Lauderdale for my Jackhammer on) .................................................................................................................... THE YUM YUM CLUB: This is going to be a periodic part of my blog where I go goo-goo and yum-yum over who I think is hot in the porn world. First up: GUS MATTOX!!! Rarely has a performer gotten me as hot and bothered recently as has MATTOX! Not only is he increcibly sexy, but I have read that he is an intelligent writer, a great cook, a great lay, and that he can act! I LOVE ME ACTORS! And so YUM YUM YUM to Gus Mattox!.........

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Eric's presence in the porn scene has waned over the last few years. When I met him in December 2000 he had probably already peaked, but he looked FANTASTIC rolling around the stage in a play production in WeHo (I cant remember the name..sorry Ronnie Larsen!) But Eric was big, beefy and hairy. And i WISH a little friendlier, too! As a lot of stars are (especially the WeHo ones), fame has a tendency to go to someone's head. I sure hope that wasn't the case with Eric. I would like to think that he is just a shy man who doesn't speak when spoken to because he gets all this attention and , as a result, goes into a shell. I know I go into my shell at times, so I will give Eric that benefit of that doubt (but if anyone else has any stories to share on Eric, please do now).
My only other Eric Evans meeting was last year in San Francisco during Folsom. I tried to strike up a conversation with him, but he didnt seem the least bit interested in talking to me.
Eric then did a bareback video for SX and his first fisting video for Raging Stallion.
Word came out this week that Eric Evans has officially retired from the business. And no matter who he is inside, I still find his physique to be of beauty.
Good luck, Eric! I hope life treats you great in your post-retirement.

PORN LIFE AS MY PERSONAL LIFE: 2 (really 1, but I dont want to confuse)
*WILD RANGERS 3, Centaur Films
I am concurrently working on two projects, one bareback and one safer sex. First up, WILD RANGERS 3, the sequel to Centaur Films' very popular WILD RANGERS series. I never performed in the first two, and actually dont have a sex scene in WR3 either. But WR3 DOES give me my first appearance in a porn flick in a non-sexual role. It's just a brief appearance, but was still fun to shoot. For the rest of the production I am part of the crew (PA and boom work). I am looking forward to this coming weekend's shoot between topman Barrett Long and bottom boy Timmy Thomas. Details next week...
I shot a tearoom scene on Sunday afternoon with Austin Shadow (who also fucks me in Part 3, and who fucked Erik Austin in Part 1, DIRECT DEPOSIT). It was an EXCELLENT scene...I LOVED IT! One problem: In watching the footage back, the tape must have been a damaged tape, and the entire scene wasnt editable. MAJOR MAJOR bummer! Some of the footage may be spared in the editing room, but we had to reshoot the entire scene that night... and it wasnt nearly as great as the first time. But it will still kick ass once its all edited together. I was just bummed out that day because it was like trying to re-do perfection a second time around.

*With 'making movies like Wild Rangers 3 and HOLE', little time was spent enjoying the personal things in life. I would have liked to have gone to the movies, but am waiting out til next week anyway for the start up of the official summer season (GO STAR WARS 3). Instead, TV took over (thank god for TiVo). I thought the finale to EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND was perfect (30 minutes of the same characters, yet more poignant than normal), Vonzell was predictably cast off AMERICAN IDOL (though it was Carrie I wanted removed), YES, DEAR and KING OF QUEENS ended their seasons with less laughs than I have been used to, JOEY ended satisfyingly (with Joey and his blonde neighbor locking lips), and on AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL? - okay, its TiVo'ed, but I haven't seen it yet. BUT, the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT of the week was the TV MOVIE HERCULES (BIG HUGE GIGANTIC bore).
*It was one of my best friends' birthday last night in Ft Lauderdale (but I am an hour and a half north of FTL working, so I couldn't make it). I owe him one!
*Today I am going to cook. There is this new Thai Chicken Sandwich recipe that I want to attempt. It's just slightly more complicated than PB & J.

See ya next week!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Blogging is still very new to me. I don't think I really understood it's meaning or purpose..or what I was supposed to say in my blogs, and how often.

But after some input from some of you I think I have finally found my structure.

I know that I can't commit to a daily blog, so to split the baby -and insure that there is fresh thoughts waiting for you to check out by logging into my blogging - I have decided to make my blog entries a weekly thing. With all of my best efforts I am going to commit to blogging my thoughts on things from the previous week's events in my life every Thursday in the month. Exceptions to this will be if I am out of town doing appearances, or making a movie, spending a holiday away from the computer, etc. With that said, I will blog on the Wedn before or the Fri after...something to that effect. ALSO, I wont be limiting my blogs to just the Thursday if something really SPECTACULAR comes to my mind, and I want to share, hey, you might have a couple blogs for the week..... ;-)

So let me kick things off. The blog entries will have two parts. Part 1 will be things going on in the porn industry that I want to talk about. And Part 2 will be things going on in my life that aren't porn-related, but yet I still want to talk about. ;-)

This came as a shock to me. I worked for Blue on HARD AS ROCK back in March 2002, where he directed me with his real-life boxer discovery Brad Rock. I never really felt a connection with Blue on the set. Personally, I think he prefers and worships his bodybuilder models over the other talent (that would be me) on the set. The scene I shot was difficult for me because , as a bottom I like to GIVE the bottom equal control in the scene. Blue directed the movie by kinda pushing me around, and having me worship and service Brad Rock in the showers. It was one of the few instances where I felt exploited and humiliated on a set. So to each his own. The positive thing that I got when I left the set was a determination from there on out to not accept film work that showcased the bottom as being degraded and pushed around (which is why I turned down the part that Ollie Kicks took when Trent Cougar fucked him silly in SEX PIGS, VOLUME 1. To Ollie's credit, he did a GREAT JOB.....Its just that that wasn't the type of persona I wanted to project).

But back to Blue Blake. WOW! So he has decided to close up his business and retire from the porn world. I know models retire and return and retire and return and retire all the time. It will be interesting to see if Blue truly is leaving the business for good. His muscle-god worshipping movies certainly had their audience (not me), but I think Titan does a much hotter job with muscle men. Still, I wish Blue the best of luck with his retirement!

The annual BBPP event in Palm Springs is over, and Will Clark has once again done an admirable job of raising movie for LA SHANTI. No gripes from me for the intent and purpose of the BBPP.

I DO gripe however at Will's public trashing of my name in public because I choose to do both bareback and safe sex video work, especially since word has it that Will barebacks in his personal life (according to many sources). I find this hypocritical in nature to attack me for something I do (on film and off) that Will probably also does (off and not on camera). I mean, if you are going to point a finger at barebacking in general, then you SHOULDNT do it AT ALL!


My friends went to go see THE INTERPRETOR, but I didnt go because dinner would have been after 8 PM, and the movie didnt start until 9:40 PM (East coast time). I have this mission right now to eat my last meal before 7 PM (who knows how long that will last, but the movie and dinner thing came about the very night that i made this mission go into effect). I hear the movie was decent, but I think I am ready for summer movies to take over the cineplexes anyway. Bring on the Sith!

My TV addictions this May include AMERICAN IDOL and AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL. On MODEL, NONE of the girls that are left interest me, so that addiction has waned. The bigger addiction for me is IDOL. Anthony was just eliminated last night (squashing my hopes that he and Bo would go head to head in the finale). With Anthony gone, Bo becomes my top choice to win the 4th season. Vonzell and Carrie are pretty, but Bo seems to be the real deal. And it will be great to have a 'rocker' win the event. .....I am waiting for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and LOST to come out on DVD. Since I missed early episodes of both shows, I have not watched either of them all season long. Instead, I hope they get their FIRST SEASONS released on DVD in late summer so that I can bone up on both shows before ABC starts airing Season TV in the fall.

Tonight I have to meet the owners of The Jackhammer bar, which is where my company Cre8tive Juices will be premieiring our first release DIRECT DEPOSIT on May 28th. My business partner cant make it, so I have to do this meeting solo. I am a bit nervous about that. I also am starting to get some anxiety when I go out in public...

I first noticed the anxiety yesterday at the gym. It felt like people were watching my every rep (which i was probably lifting wrong anyone, but thats beside the point). It could have been my imagination, sure! But the anxiety was there, nonetheless. It's also crazy because no one comes up to me and talks to me...even though I catch them looking or staring. For me, it's very difficult sometimes to be alone shopping or lifting or eating in public. When I have a friend, it's alllll good and i dont get the anxiety attacks. But when I am alone, I get real shy and stuff....

OKIE DOKIE...that was WEEKLY BLOG: 1. See ya next week! ;-)