Friday, April 28, 2006


Several months ago VERONICA MARS was released onto DVD. It is a TV show on UPN that I missed in it's first season on the air. So I patiently waited all last summer for it to come out on DVD so that I could watch it prior to the start of its second season on TV. Well, it took months into the second season before the series was released, and it happens to be one of those shows that each week builds off the plots laid out in weeks previous. When the show FINALLY came out on DVD, it's near-50 dollar tag price seemed too high to buy (Its funny how our spending habits change. I remember when QUEER AS FOLK season 1 came out and I paid over a hundred dollars for it. I would never spend that much on a single season of a TV show nowadays. And even 50 bucks seemed reasonable at one time. I would still pay 50 bucks for a show that I know is a favorite of mine, but VERONICA MARS was one of those shows that I didnt know if I would like or not, and I never sampled it on TV because I didnt want the episode I would be sampling to spoil any mysteries for me). So FINALLY TARGET has slashed the price for VERONICA MARS temporarily this week. It normally sells for $44.99 (and 49.99 at Best Buy)...this week only it was selling for $22.99 at Target. BAM, the time to buy was NOW! But when I got to TARGET (after seeing the price reduction in a Sunday newspaper advertisement) I drove to TARGET only to find out no copies were left in the store. The cute boy behind the counter gave me a rain check. For 4 days I kept calling, but no luck: the store hadn't received any new copies yet. Finally, yesterday, after being put on hold for over 15 minutes, the gal on the other end of the line said they found just one copy left. I gave them my name, Greg (Yup, that's my real first name, Sean Storm fans), and that evening I drove back to Target and got me some VERONICA MARS: SEASON ONE. I watched two episodes last night and I am hooked. The show is getting some brutally bad ratings on UPN, and whether it makes the UPN-WB merger network CW's fall lineup won't be known until mid-May. Yes, VERONICA MARS is an intelligently written series that currently has about 18 little mysteries of it's own going on in and around fictional JUPITER high school. But the biggest mystery of them all is whether or not Miss Veronica will be around for her Junior year.

Friday, April 21, 2006

STORM SURGE highlight...

I like each of THE STORM CHRONICLES movies from Cre8tive Juices to have one or two moments that will get people talking. In DIRECT DEPOSIT, the highlight of the movie was my scene with masseur Wayne Gray. After Wayne supplies me with an internal load, he goes to my freezer and takes out a cumcube tray that Ian Rawlings and I had been working on all that week prior to filming the scene. Wayne puts the cumcubes up my ass and then churns the cum up in my hole with a candy cane. Then, Wayne and I each lick the cum-slicked candy cane back and forth. ....In the follow-up, HOLE MILK, the highlight takes place in the Dream Scene where Ian Rawlings jerks off a huge load of cum into a blue funnel that is stuck right out of my butt. His cumload bottlenecks at the base and, after he pulls the funnel out of my hole, we see his gooey bubbling out of my hairy hole in all it's glory. After that Ian sticks a blue glow-stick into my butt - just for the fun of it..... So that brings us to the third movie in the series: STORM SURGE. The highlight of this film is extra special. I went through some of my hold fuck footage from 2001 and 2002 that showed my butt getting barebacked and spooged up with cum - back when I was a twink. This footage of me as a twink was shot at a time in my career when I was doing the big studio condom-only stuff. To release anything bareback at that time would have ended my porn career. Well, it's been 5 years and 4 bareback movies later - and the time is now right for me to show this footage to viewers. I also get my hairy crack shaved smooth right before my boyhole gets filled up with cum. I am really looking forward to this footage finally getting to see the light of day in a major way.


Every once in awhile there comes a porn shoot that just doesn't go as smoothly as planned. And yesterday, April 20th, was just one of those days. It started well enough the night before. My business partner for Cre8tive Juices and I called each of the models to make sure they were still a go for the following day's shoot. By 10 pm we had confirmations from both that they would be at my apartment, cleaned out and ready to fuck, by noon. At 8 am model Steve Wood gives us a call and tells us that he has food poisoning or stomach flu, and was up all night with diarrhea. Forget that he sounded chipper and not at all sincere in his devastation that he couldn't perform. So Ian and I had to consider other possibilities for a model to top our bottom, who has disappointed that he wouldnt get to do the scene. I was able to find another versatile top, who showed up at 1 pm. BUT DAMN IT ALL TO HELL - the replacement model showed up high after a night of partying. He couldnt get a hard-on (despite us giving him a viagra and a levitra) - but our BOTTOM had a hard-on so we had the bottom fuck the top. WELL DAMN IT ALL TO HELL - after two minutes of the bottom fucking the top, the top complains that his hole hurts (i should point out that our replacement top is actually a bottom in most of his scenes to date). So with the replacement unable to bottom OR top, we had to call the shoot off. I won't reveal the name of the replacement. Sure, he should have saved us the wasted time by just telling us he couldnt do the shoot (people party, its a fact of life, and to be fair he wasnt scheduled to shoot for us that day anyway.) The real person I am pissed off about was the original top - Steve Wood. We came to find out that it was the THIRD TIME that Steve had cancelled out on having to perform with our bottom, Lexx. And if he has canceled 3 times with Lexx, how many times has he canceled at the last minute for other studios? So, for the first time in my one year of blogging, I am venting and letting all know that STEVE WOOD - an escort from Ft Lauderdale - is a real loser of a human being. And if I can spare another studio from not hiring him in case he screws them over, too - then I have done my good deed for the day. Because when it comes down to it, there are a LOT of other serious performers out there who would love the work and the exposure of working for us. And the consumers watching the movies deserve dedicated performers to do the job. So, yesterday was the day from Hell - and in the end I wanted to just throw in the towel with making movies. But today is another day, and the show must go on. JUICED will get released, and it is going to be an awesome film. You'll see...

Saturday, April 15, 2006


I LOVE MAY! For starters, the box office starts heating up with the summer releases. Kicking things off is the highly anticipated POSEIDON on May 5th (with DA VINCI CODE on May 19 and X-MEN 3 on May 26th). There are also a number of DVD releases that I'm going to be buying: FACTS OF LIFE (seasons 1 and 2 on May 9th), NANNY MCPHEE (May 9), the original POSEIDON ADVENTURE: SPECIAL EDITION (May 9), THE PRODUCERS (May 16), WINGS (Seasons 1 and 2 on May 23) and JOEY (Season 1: May 30th: I know, I know...."WHy?" you ask. Well, because even though the show sucked, it completes my devotion to FRIENDS). May is also the month that all of the broadcast networks announce their fall schedules at the advertiser upfronts in New York. This is when we find which shows from the current season will or won't return in the fall. Which means that next month some of our favorite shows will have their last new episodes EVER before biting the dust (ahem, JOEY). Currently here is what I watch on TV on TiVo: WILL & GRACE (NBC: this show won't be back in the fall, but you already knew that).... TOP CHEF (Bravo: I love it, but it's not as good as PROJECT RUNWAY, but then again, what is?)... LITTLE BRITAIN (BBC AMERICA: BRILLIANT comedy. I am going to be buying the first season on DVD VERY SOON. I saw it at Best Buy last week. CHECK THIS HILARIOUS SHOW OUT NOW)... SOUTH PARK (COMEDY CENTRAL. I hadn't seen this show in YEARS, but when Chef left, I started watching it again. PERFECT ANIMATED COMEDY)... SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (NBC: I love, love, LOVE this show. Even when the casts haven't been that good, I still stuck with SNL. And readers of my blog already know that I have a HUGE crush on newcomer Adam Samburg)... DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (ABC: I know, this show ROCKED last year, and only TREMORED this year. But Carol Burnett joins the show as Bree's stepmommy. AWESOME!)...LOST (ABC: The best hour of television on television. My ex gave up on it at the beginning of the year. I can't convince that the show is better than ever. I really liked the first season's focus on survival. But this year the mysteries of the island really exploded with the arrival of the Others. I am sure things will taken an even more exciting turn in year 3)... LESS THAN PERFECT (ABC: this comedy has been undervalued and underappreciated for 3 years. And it looks like this year, its fourth, will see even less exposure. Heck, ABC waited until the last month of the TV season to premiere it. But I'll take it in any form...including the never-before-aired episodes that will inevitably appear on the DVD when it comes out).

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I FINALLY forced myself to watch CRASH on Showtime last night. If for nothing else, I had to see what all the fuss was about. I also wanted to see if CRASH truly deserved Best Picture honors. ....Backtracking, first: I was not a huge fan of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN to begin with. To me, the movie wasnt a love story at all. I walked away from the movie not thinking these men loved each other, so much as they used each other to satisfy sexual urges. And their actions spoke of cowardness to me. Though to be fair, I didn't live during that time and have no idea the level of harassment gay men had to put up with, let alone gay cowboys putting up with it. So the movie was really good, but BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN just wasn't great. ...But, like many gay men, I got caught up in the politics of everything and I realllly would have loved to have seen a gay-themed film grab top honors at the Oscars. And so, when Jack Nicholson read off CRASH as the Best Picture, I felt like someone kicked me in the gut. THE INJUSTICE of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN LOSING!!!!....Well, as i said, I just saw CRASH last night. And now I know why it won: Because it WAS the best movie of the year. Paul Haggis has written an amazing film interweaving dozens of characters across all ethnicities and shows the levels of racism that every ethnicity shares. There are scenes from CRASH that follow me and my thoughts all the time. So where I give BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN a B rating, I give CRASH an A. BOTH films are worth watching, but only one of the two is the Best Picture.