Saturday, October 22, 2005


Production has shut down on THE STORM CHRONICLES: EPISODE 2: HOLE MILK as we prepare for the 21st named storm of the year, WILMA. By the time she hits the east side of Florida she is expected to be downgraded to a Category 1 or less. All the sex content for HOLE MILK is finished. The only things left to shoot are some B Roll stuff, and maybe a bonus load or two to my hole for the Extras. Editing began 2 weeks ago, and things are really shaping up. I think it will be better than DIRECT DEPOSIT insofar as entertainment, though DIRECT DEPOSIT had a few more cumloads. I will let you know if WIlma did any damage in my next posting. Ironically, the movie after HOLE MILK is going to be called STORM SURGE, and it will be centered around the fictional Hurricane Oliver.