Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer TV: First Check

The Summer TV 2006 has just gotten underway, and here are my reports on 3 of the shows I was looking forward to seeing: ....LOVESPRING INTERNATIONAL (LIFETIME): I had high hopes for this sitcom from WILL & GRACE vet Eric McCormack, but it's THE OFFICE-inspired style left me bored. I am actually not even a fan of THE OFFICE (though to be fair I am basing this on my conclusion from it's first season. I have not seen THE OFFICE SEASON 2), so a weaker version of a show I don't even like to begin with leaves me disappointed. I should probably give LI another episode to see if it improves, but I have so little TV watching time as it is that I have to pass this one up.....WINDFALL (NBC): An interesting premise in a show that is actually enjoyable in a summer soap opera-y kind of way. But NBC seems to have little interest in supporting WINDFALL (it was picked up after FOX passed on it's pilot and was supposed to air mid-season, but was later kicked to the curb and found it's airdates to be the summer), that I find it hard to invest in the characters in a show that has about a 1% chance of ever seeing a second season. Of course, if the ratings wow the powers that be I will then have to invest in a DVD of season 1 and see if I become hooked on it at that time)....I WANNA BE A SOAPSTAR (SOAPnet): Now that TOP CHEF is over and PROJECT RUNWAY 3 doesnt air until July 12, I knew I needed to find a show that would satisfy my Reality TV fix. Traditionally I like to be invested in only one reality TV show at a time. With AMERICAS GOT TALENT starting next week, I may just have to watch two reality shows at the same time (assuming TALENT is good) because SOAPSTAR is DEFINITELY good. I never saw the first two seasons of IWBASS, but became immediately hooked with season 3. The winner of this show receives a 13-week player contract on ABCs ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Since I have acting in my blood, this is an obvious reality show that would interest me.....OTHER SHOWS COMING UP THAT I WILL BE WATCHING: ENTOURAGE Season 3 (I am a big fan of this HBO show), HEX (BBC: I am looking forward to this British BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SHOW- which promises male nudity), LUCKY LOUIE (the first live studio audience sitcom on HBO)


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