Sunday, June 05, 2005


PERSONAL LIFE: I am foregoing porn chat this week. Instead, I just wanted to reflect upon the death of one of my friends, Michael Singer. I met Michael online back in 2001, a few months before I moved to Ft Lauderdale from Illinois. Michael met me at the Eagle in FTL during my first weeks in south florida. He made me feel welcome in this new city, and for the next couple years we hung out regularly....going to Coliseum, Chaps, Cathode Ray and Georigi's Alibi. I even ran into him in New Orleans when I was on the bar buck naked. I remember Michael being THRILLED because he saw me talking to Matt Rush and Matt Summers...and so when I introduced him to them on the street he was all smiles and giggles. That was back in 2002....for the next couple of years I saw Michael a few times on-line (usually he was being a bad boy on Manhunt. ..and though at times it was hard for me not to be a bad boy with him, I knew my responsibilities to getting my video company and my career back on track had to take precedence over the partying), but Michael and I didnt have much in common anymore. When I was told of his passing on May 25th, it came as a shock. But also as a reality.