Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Heart Becki and Michael

Sure, America Ferrara and Vanessa Williams are WONDERFUL in ABC's UGLY BETTY, but equally great to me are newcomers Becki Newton and Michael Juri as image-obsessed catty Kathy's AMANDA and MARC. This duo is my new JACK and KAREN. They have a great wicked camraderie together. Every scene they are in they bring some of the best line deliveries and facial expressions of any new TV characters of the season. In fact, I absolutely LOVE IT when Amanda does her little purring. It's a character trait she has made her own - I love to hate to love her. She isnt pure evil - but she is FAR from being angelic. Whenever she doesnt something aweful, she can usually follow it up with a tic or expression that signifies an underlying pain. As for Marc - sure, he is a stereotype at times and doesn't portray gay men necessarily positively - but HELL TO ALL THE PC CRAP! People like MARC DO exist, and he's damn spot-on in the role. LOVE YA, MICHAEL! And love ya, too, Becki! Keep it Ugly, guys!


Thank you, Clint Eastwood! By entering your foreign langueage film LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA into the Best Film Oscar category, you have given PAN'S LABYRINTH it's best shot yet of winning in the Best Foreign Language Film category. I was enthralled by PAN in the theater. It is a beautiful adult fantasy tale, albeit a violent one more often than not. By juxtaposing the violence with the fantasy, viewers are left on edge...which makes the fantasy elements all the more wonderous when they show up on screen. I am not a huge fan of war violence, and PAN has plenty of death. But the film stands strong on the fact, one of the creepiest moments is the little heroine being chased by The Pale Face creature. TRULY SPOOKY - yet beautiful at the same time. Go 'PAN'!!!!! I'll be rootin' for ya' on The Big Night! A-

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

GREASE:You're The One That I Want

Is anyone else hooked by this new NBC Sunday reality show? I was going to watch American Idol this year, but since there has been so much press on how nasty teh judges are being I have decided instead to devote my MUSIC REALITY time to Grease. It's pretty addictive! I am also going to be loving TOP DESIGN, which starts tomorrow night on Bravo. And coming up I will be giving RULES OF ENGAGEMENT a tryout on CBS, THE DRESDEN FILES on Sci-Fi, THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM on Comedy Central and EXTRAS on HBO.

Where In The World Is Sean Storm???

Sorry for the delayed entry. I had a computer crash a few weeks back. I just recently got a new one and am back among the blogging.

Work continues on JUICED. We decided to add one more scene. We didnt have a cover model yet, so we found him, but then we needed to actually PUT him in the movie (otherwise it would have been misleading to show a model on a cover who doesnt appear in the movie). We will be filming this model in the next couuple of weeks for JUICED.

MARINE CRUCIBLE 2 has been shot and will soon be edited for a release from Centaur Films.

That's the news from the Porn side of things! Sorry again for not getting blogged sooner.

OH..and I might be getting a MySpace page up and running soon, too.