Sunday, March 27, 2005


I have seen different blogs, and they usually are either blogs that pose questions, or blogs that are diaries, etc. I don't know if I really have a concrete idea of how my blog is supposed to be, but what I want to do is mix it all up. So at times you will see me posting a notice about a new movie of mine....other times I will ask questions about things like: What era of porn is your favorite? And at other times, such as my STORM THOUGHTS, I will confide some of the things going on in my head.

STORM THOUGHTS 1 is about my trip to Seattle on March 29th to perform at the Mr Nude Seattle Contest on March 30th. I wont be one of the contestants, but rather the featured entertainment. What concerns me most is my stage fright I am experiencing. I havent stripped in front of a live audience in well over a year, and that was a one-time gig at a strip club. Its been since Southern Decadence 2002 in New Orleans that I have really taken it all off dick-dancing. So you can imagine how, three years later how nerve-racking this event is going to be for me. For one thing: I suck as a dancer and stripper. I didnt know that was supposed to be a pre-requisite on my road to fame. But I know I just cant walk onto the stage and take it off and have that be I am going to have to move around, and mingle. OY! I think filming is much more fun than stripping, at least when it comes to having the stage to yourself. I think the only time i really did enjoy dancing was when it was for the Bourbon Street Pub....that actually was an awesome time. Maybe I should consider going back there and getting the rest removed....but it wont do me any good for Seattle. I will report back with the results: be them good, bad, or/and ugly

Thursday, March 24, 2005


For me the scenes that stood out most for me were

Peter Gallagher showing a hairy butt and frontal nudity in SUMMER LOVERS
Lots of bare butts in PORKYS
the hairy ass on the guy forced to bend over in the prison cell in LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL
the guys showing their asses when fucking Jodie Foster in THE ACCUSED
the guy bending over and mooning his hairy ass in HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS

I was a kid who caught most of these on HBO when the parents were asleep. I knew I was gay when the sight of a mans hairy ass would turn me on.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

What is the Ideal Porn Type Nowadays?

Back in the 70s (my personal favorite era of porn men), guys were naturally thin, had hair all over their chests and butts and legs and faces.....tight jeans, YUM

The 80s porn stars started out great...KEVIN WILLIAMS and CHAD DOUGLAS, to name a few...but as that era progressed, poor porn and mullet hairdos took over. Shaved chests and butts also became the norm.

I guess the 90s started out poorly, but by the end of the decade we were seeing physically fit men re-emerge back onto the scene. It also became the decade of the TWINK.

So now its back to the 00s, so to speak....where have our tastes taken us? Personally, there is such a diverse number of studios on the market that cater to a specific type that most men can rely on a studio to deliver the goods.

I am most curious , also, to know if people like body hair on a porn star, or if they want the guys to continue to be completely shaven? Lets hear what you have to say.
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I spent the entire day today feeliing like the publisher of a magazine JUST SHOOT ME!

Not complaining, was actually a lot of fun. I had the magazine editing bug in me back when I was in junior high school...i made up my own pretend entertainment magazine (I also wrote a 1,000 episode soap opera from high school through college....i was SUCH the geek). So, anyway, this magazine I put together is an online 'zine that people can read when they log into the website. Now, the site isnt up just yet, but i got a sneak peak at it a few minutes ago. Looks like we will be taking orders within just days for DIRECT DEPOSIT.
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STORM REPORT: What's New in 2005

I have been in two major releases this year alone: MONSTER BANG #6: PARTY IN THE REAR! and THE SHAFT (both directed by Chris Ward for Raging Stallion).

I believe a SEAN STORM COLLECTORS EDITION compilation video will be released by Centaur later in the year, and I may even make another movie for Chip Daniels' company (my last Centaur film was MAN HUNTER in 2003)

Also look for my first feature from my new production studio CRE8TIVE JUICES called THE STORM CHRONICLES: EPISODE 1: DIRECT DEPOSIT. You can get details at

And for those keeping track, here is my Videography from 2004: DIETER'S DUNGEON (spankthis), STORM DRAIN (hotstuds), CUMSLOPPY BUTTHOLES (Treasure Island Media) and GAY DREAMS 2: SAN FRANCISCO NIGHTS (Raging Stallion)


Getting the hang of blogs ... finally

I have to admit that I didnt even know what a 'blog' was until just a few months ago. It's one of those words that you dont like to go around asking people what it means.

But after reading a few blogs religiously ( being the key one), it made sense to me start up my own blog, especially coming off a very challenging 2004.

This whole 'porn star' thing can get itchy at times. Back when i had only one solo JO video under my belt in 1999 I was a far cry from being able to call myself a porn star. I figured to get that honor a performer had to have at least 6 videos on his resume, be listed in the Adam Gay Video Directory, be nominated/and maybe win some prestigious awards, and be all over box covers and magazines.

It took between 2002 and 2003 for me to finally be able to call myself a porn star. I definitely put in the work, won the honors of peers, and worked very hard at putting on a good show.

But then in mid 2004 I decided to venture into doing bareback video work. And with that decision comes a blacklisting and silence from those who I had once worked for in the safer sex studios. I suppose some of my 'star quality' was tarnished in the process. But prior to my bb stuff, i really had to question what was next for me. Certainly, new performers were taking over.... and I really felt I accomplished whatever I needed to do.

Am I still a porn star? I dont know the answer to that anymore. I guess only time will tell if the work I am doing today will gain acceptance by my peers down the long road. In any event, thanks to Raging Stallion's Chris Ward and Michael Brandon I was given 3 recent returns to my glory days of safer sex video work: GAY DREAMS 2, PARTY IN THE REAR!, and THE SHAFT. It certainly felt good again on those shoots to 'be back among the porn stars' ... even if my star had started to dim.
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