Saturday, March 17, 2007


THE RICHES: After only seeing the pilot episode, I have to say that I am curiously intrigued about this new FX show. At times it was a little hard to stomach (it can be really funny...really harsh...and sometimes violent), but that mix, though disjointed and uneven at times, gives it a notoriety all it's own. I'd like to see the dark humor amped up even more, however. I think it will take a few weeks to find it's legs, but once the characters are firmly established in their new roles, I think the show will earn A status. For now, a B+

ANDY BARKER, P.I.: I enjoyed this new Andy Richter comedy, and it was great seeing ELLEN's Clea Lewis and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT's Tony Hale back in action. The series is laugh-track-less and is shot single-camera (no studio audience) style. So you will have to laugh on your own without the help of canned laughter or a studio audience (THANK GOD!). Again, as with most pilots (i.e., THE RICHES), I think the show needs to settle into it's groove before I can make a final analysis, but so far, so good. B


Blogger abnitude said...

i watched the riches too and enjoyed the storylin and the acting. i have been a fan of eddie izzard since seeing his "drag" comedy routine and minnie driver was played off eddie ver well. i'll keep watching and applaud fx for its non-conforming programs

10:49 PM  
Blogger spinnierandy said...

Cheers mate I think I'm a fan now
Cheers !

2:37 PM  

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