Friday, April 29, 2005

The TWINK years...

From 2000 to 2003 I shot seven movies for Centaur Films. Even though I was 30 when I started making these movies, I was considered a 'twink' to the industry. In the last year I decided to bring my image up to par with my real age by allowing my natural body hair to grow out - as well as sporting facial hair.

Centaur Films has decided to produce a SEAN STORM COLLECTOR'S EDITION, which is a Best Of video. Scenes from MAN ACADEMY (2000), PLAYING FOR KEEPS (2001), TIGHT ENDS & WIDE RECEIVERS (2001), MAN ACADEMY 2 (2002), NAVY BLUES: DEEPER IN THE BRIG (2003) and MAN HUNTER (2003) will be featured in this collection.

Yesterday I filmed all the interstitial footage by re-visiting the locations of the scenes and/or wearing the original clothing that I wore in those movies.

I watched my first performance in MAN ACADEMY before we did any filming...>WOW, it was eerie to see me as 'a twink'. Memories..memories... LOL

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Michael Did It! Everyone Thank Michael! ;-)

A recent post from Michael telling me to 'do something with my blog' was just the kick I needed to start up a new entry. Thanks, buddy (and you better take that as a true compliment and not sarcasm, okay?) ;-)

This entry is going to be one of introspection.... a flood of moods has overcome me in the last week. For starters, I booked to fly a model from Seattle to come to Ft Lauderdale to shoot a scene for Episode 2 of my Storm Chronicles series for Cre8tive Juices. If I had any idea that this model was going to be as high-maintenance as he has proven to be I would have snipe hunting instead. So yeah....I got my first taste of what it is like to have to deal with porn models with attitudes (from a director and producer role ....Lord knows I have dealt with enough of them as a performer). So just to vent: this model was unhappy with his hotel room, wanted me to stay with him and 'cuddle' (even though i had scripts to look over and tech work to prepare for and my own bed to sleep in without cuddling), wanted me to take him shopping the next day to get a new T Mobile phone for him at the mall, wanted me to take him bar-hopping that night (mind you he had a video scene to shoot the next day), complained about being bored, and, long story shorter, never said a single thank you (even after ordering two entrees at a restaurant and only eating one of them). Now..please dont think I am complaining ..... instead, all I am sharing is that producing and directing and being in charge of a movie can be a Bitch!!!! But what a learning experience for me!

So now I find myself with a few moments to sit back and sigh relief (yeah, the model has left and returned to Seattle). I am looking forward to catching up on my recently purchased complete seasons of WONDERFALLS, GREG THE BUNNY, FREAKS AND GEEKS and season one of SOAP on DVD.

And of course I want to apologize for not being a better blogger in the last couple of weeks. But I did get the website up and running...and have been busy trying to get our first release DIRECT DEPOSIT properly exposed to the gay adult movie buying public. (Shameless plug right here and now, in fact).

So now that I have said a few things, I want some interaction back from people reading these blogs. This one is pretty simple, too. Of the new sizzling summer movies coming out, I am most looking forward to seeing STAR WARS EPISODE 3, WAR OF THE WORLDS, BEWITCHED, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, and MAGDASCAR. Its pretty obvious that the first two will be hits...but of the other three (Bewitched, Charlie and Mag), which one of those will be the bigger hit?