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Hey everyone! I bet you are surprised to be receiving a STORM ALERT, aren't you? Well, I actually haven't gone anywhere. Instead I have been writing my blog for two-plus years now and I active and proud of my 6-year old Yahoo Fan Group. So instead of writing monthly STORM ALERTS I have instead decided to send the newsletter out on a Need-To-Know basis. And this first issue back is ALL about the recent 2007 Adam Gay Video Directory, which happens to be the bible for porn stars and fans alike.

*THE STORM CHRONICLES: EPISODE 3: STORM SURGE just became the FIRST bareback movie to ever be reviewed in the Adam Gay Video Directory. I flipped through the AGVD today and I didn't see any other bareback movie reviewed: just ours! It made me so proud to see it in the pages that the 3 out of 5 stars it received barely registered. To have a bareback movie get this kind of attention is a HUGE breakthrough for performers and studios in this genre. I know its just one movie, but maybe next year it will be five..then maybe ten. Then other deserving bareback studios such as Treasure Island, HDK and Helix can start getting some serious attention to. You see, bareback movies are not looked kindly upon in the condom industry.
*Did you know that bareback movies are not eligible to win awards at the Gay Video News Awards OR The Grabby Awards [But they are eligible to win awards at the European Gay Video Awards, to be handed out in May]
*Did you know that studios such as Titan and Rascal and Michael Lucas won't hire a model if they have done bareback? [This IS starting to change however as more and more popular models are doing both. Soon, there might not be enough condom-only performers to even perform in them]
*Did you know that the trade publication Gay Video News will run bareback movie ads and will list when a bareback title gets released, but they will NOT review and rate them? [Yet straight bareback porn is regularly reviewed and are regularly nominated for awards]
*Again, I am totalllllly happy to have STORM SURGE in the AGVD, and I can appreciate most of the criticism: except for this one item. In the review it is said that at three hours "a bit of pruning would be prudent for future installments" I guess I dont understand this. The reason I made the movie 3 hours was because I thought the value of buying this movie would be more with it with the more content on display. Am I missing something here? I encourage people to email me with their reactions. I mean, do you guys want our movies to be only 90 minutes or 2 hours?

*The first time I ever referred to myself as a porn star wasn't in 1999 (when I shot Frat Boy Sean & Friends), or even 2000 (the year of Man Academy). Nope, my first self-proclamation of being a porn star was when I saw my pic and bio in the 2001 edition of the AGVD. My ONLY movie released in 2006 was STORM SURGE, so I anticipated not making it in the bible for the first time in 7 years. WRONG AGAIN! Next year won't even be a worry since I will have Centaur's MARINE CRUCIBLE 2 on my resume - even if the AGVD suddenly stops running bareback reviews (I will find out what the reaction to STORM SURGE was and then will share once i find out)
*Every year when I buy the AGVD I like to go through the STARS section and count the number of guys I have had sex with. The number kept getting larger and larger until a couple years ago. Once I started doing all the bareback titles, none of my co-stars were in the directory. So now each year it dwindles. But here they are anyway:
*Joshua Adams (I fisted him in HOLE SWEET HOLE)
*Brendan Austin (We were in the 6-man scene in GAY DREAMS 2)
*Jay Black (He fucked me rooftop in GAY DREAMS 2)
*Michael Brandon (He fucked me like crazy in PARTY IN THE REAR)
*Alex Brawley (He sucked my cock in a scene in DIRECT DEPOSIT)
*Maxx Diesel (He pounded me in TRY ME ON FOR SIZE)
*Brent Everett (He fucked me in the gang bang finale of NAVY BLUES)
*Jason Hawke (He fucked me in SEX PIGS, VOL. 1)
*Bo Knight (He fucks me in the upcoming JUICED)
*Tony Mecelli (He nailed me in THE SEEKER)
*Chris Neal (He fucked me for a rawdition for inclusion in a future CJ MEDIA flick)
*Brad Rock (He fucked me in HARD AS ROCK)
*Pete Ross (He fucked me off-camera once)
*Taurus (He fucked me off-camera once)
[That brings the total to 14 this year. I think it was over 20 last year]

*I only made one movie last year, STORM SURGE, which you already know made into the directory. However, I also made a fisting movie for Raging Stallion called HOLE SWEET HOLE at the end of 2004. The movie was officially released at the end of 2005, making it not available in time to be printed in the 2006 AGVD. This year it made it (look for a photo of me fisting Joshua Adams in the included pic)

*Every year the Adam Gay Video Directory lists movies from the last 15 years or so that rate as classics. Here are the movies that I was in that are in their "MUST SEE MOVIES" section:
*Closed Set: The New Crew (MSR: 2002)
*Homecoming (Studio 2000, 2003)
*Man Academy (Centaur: 2000)
*Man Academy 2: Rites of Passage (Centaur: 2002)
*Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig (Centaur: 2003)
*Open Trench 2: Fuck Fantasies (Sports & Rec: 2002)
*Monster Bang #6: Party In The Rear (Raging Stallion: 2005)
*Sex Pigs, Volume 1 (MSR: 2004)
*The Shaft (Raging Stallion: 2005)
*Tight Ends & Wide Receivers, Part 2 (Centaur: 2001)
[However, it is my belief that the following movies were just as excellent: PLAYING FOR KEEPS, TIGHT ENDS PART 1, and GAY DREAMS 2]

*There is an extensive list of movies and performers and directors who have won trophies at the Gay Video News Awards, The Grabbys, Men in Video Awards, and the Gay Entertainment Awards. My only trophies from the condom world were for my solo scene in OPEN TRENCH 2: FUCK FANTASIES - where I kinda swept the GVNs, Grabbys and Gay Entertainment Awards that year. I don't anticipate ever being nominated again due to the bareback controversy - but then again I never thought I would ever appear in the AGVD again either]

****************Well guys, that concludes this special Adam Gay Video Directory edition of THE STORM ALERT. Look for the next issue of the ALERT in the next couple months. It will cover my newest releases: JUICED from Cre8tive Juices and MARINE CRUCIBLE 2 from Centaur Films****************************


Blogger Rick said...

Sean - whats your Yahoo group?

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Blogger Mikey said...

Congrats to you!!! Maybe the companies will now realize that bareback movies are now becoming best sellers. They tend to listen to consumers eventually!
I was a member of your group for many years and it disappeared for awhile and was not on my list anymore...I will have to go and find it again!!!

11:42 AM  
Blogger Mikey said...

I just went and did a search and could not find it?

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Blogger yambo said...

First time I saw you. Brilliant. You are not only a great ass, but you are a natural on screen. You talk like the pro you are on film. Keep going. Plenty more of 'Storm' movies pleeeease

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