Saturday, February 24, 2007


I just checked out Hollywood Deepthroat's blog:

A few weeks ago, HD got some of my own blog readers curious as to who he is. So I did some digging of my own and found his site..and LOVED IT! It has the perfect mix of Gay Hollywood (Remember Danny Pintauro of WHO'S THE BOSS? Wanna see him naked?), Gay Porn (it was fun seeing Pete Ross's video clip - who happened to nail my ass raw in San Fran in 2004), and a cool devotion to guys in the biz (even the straight Eric Balfour types).

So if you love Entertainment, and if you love Porn, and if you love Men, check it out.


Blogger jjb998 said...

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Blogger sraya said...

Sean, you seriously gotta do a foot fetish vid. That one scene in Cumsloppy Buttholes where the dude licks your toes briefly is fuckin amazing!

More, please

9:00 AM  

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