Friday, February 23, 2007

CINDY: "LOST"....and Found!

After a lackluster Fall, ABC's LOST is slowly gaining some creative traction again. I am still jonesing for more screentime to the original cast, but I have to say that Juliet is a great add. But best of all is the return of one of my favorite characters: flight-attendant Cindy. She was seen in the pilot, then made a brief return in the second season when the Tailies showed up. She then was abducted - never to be seen or heard of again - until last week when she resurfaced. I just hope another year doesn't have to go by before we get a look at Cindy once again.


Blogger KingRoper said...

I was just about to lose patience with Lost, but the last couple episodes have sucked me back in. Looks like they'll FINALLY get back to the beach group next week - now do you think they'll explain what the smoke monster is?
And are we to assume that Juliet was let go onto the waiting ship? Or were all three (Juliet, Jack, Ben) leaving? A fun blog on Lost is - they have some excellent comments and screencaps of stuff you may have missed.

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