Thursday, May 19, 2005


Eric's presence in the porn scene has waned over the last few years. When I met him in December 2000 he had probably already peaked, but he looked FANTASTIC rolling around the stage in a play production in WeHo (I cant remember the name..sorry Ronnie Larsen!) But Eric was big, beefy and hairy. And i WISH a little friendlier, too! As a lot of stars are (especially the WeHo ones), fame has a tendency to go to someone's head. I sure hope that wasn't the case with Eric. I would like to think that he is just a shy man who doesn't speak when spoken to because he gets all this attention and , as a result, goes into a shell. I know I go into my shell at times, so I will give Eric that benefit of that doubt (but if anyone else has any stories to share on Eric, please do now).
My only other Eric Evans meeting was last year in San Francisco during Folsom. I tried to strike up a conversation with him, but he didnt seem the least bit interested in talking to me.
Eric then did a bareback video for SX and his first fisting video for Raging Stallion.
Word came out this week that Eric Evans has officially retired from the business. And no matter who he is inside, I still find his physique to be of beauty.
Good luck, Eric! I hope life treats you great in your post-retirement.

PORN LIFE AS MY PERSONAL LIFE: 2 (really 1, but I dont want to confuse)
*WILD RANGERS 3, Centaur Films
I am concurrently working on two projects, one bareback and one safer sex. First up, WILD RANGERS 3, the sequel to Centaur Films' very popular WILD RANGERS series. I never performed in the first two, and actually dont have a sex scene in WR3 either. But WR3 DOES give me my first appearance in a porn flick in a non-sexual role. It's just a brief appearance, but was still fun to shoot. For the rest of the production I am part of the crew (PA and boom work). I am looking forward to this coming weekend's shoot between topman Barrett Long and bottom boy Timmy Thomas. Details next week...
I shot a tearoom scene on Sunday afternoon with Austin Shadow (who also fucks me in Part 3, and who fucked Erik Austin in Part 1, DIRECT DEPOSIT). It was an EXCELLENT scene...I LOVED IT! One problem: In watching the footage back, the tape must have been a damaged tape, and the entire scene wasnt editable. MAJOR MAJOR bummer! Some of the footage may be spared in the editing room, but we had to reshoot the entire scene that night... and it wasnt nearly as great as the first time. But it will still kick ass once its all edited together. I was just bummed out that day because it was like trying to re-do perfection a second time around.

*With 'making movies like Wild Rangers 3 and HOLE', little time was spent enjoying the personal things in life. I would have liked to have gone to the movies, but am waiting out til next week anyway for the start up of the official summer season (GO STAR WARS 3). Instead, TV took over (thank god for TiVo). I thought the finale to EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND was perfect (30 minutes of the same characters, yet more poignant than normal), Vonzell was predictably cast off AMERICAN IDOL (though it was Carrie I wanted removed), YES, DEAR and KING OF QUEENS ended their seasons with less laughs than I have been used to, JOEY ended satisfyingly (with Joey and his blonde neighbor locking lips), and on AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL? - okay, its TiVo'ed, but I haven't seen it yet. BUT, the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT of the week was the TV MOVIE HERCULES (BIG HUGE GIGANTIC bore).
*It was one of my best friends' birthday last night in Ft Lauderdale (but I am an hour and a half north of FTL working, so I couldn't make it). I owe him one!
*Today I am going to cook. There is this new Thai Chicken Sandwich recipe that I want to attempt. It's just slightly more complicated than PB & J.

See ya next week!


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Hi Sean,

I love this Part 1 & 2 format.

Re: blog purpose, it doesn't matter what you write, it's just a channel for you to express whatever comes to your mind.

At least, that is how I see blogging.

Great blog, keep it up! :-)

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