Thursday, May 26, 2005


PORN LIFE AS PERSONAL LIFE: 3 JACKHAMMER PREMIERE PARTY FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT On Saturday, May 28, I will be at the Jackhammer Bar in Ft Lauderdale bringing Cre8tive Juices' DIRECT DEPOSIT to the club. We will play the movie, throw out 12 copies of the video to the crowd and also have a model talent search for the next movie, which is in production. On the Friday night before the movie (HOLY CRAP..that's tomorrow!) I will be doing a 1 on 1 scene with big-dicked Buddy Long, then on Saturday is the premiere party, and Sunday I shoot a 1 on 1 scene with Brad McGuire (who ALMOST fucked me in MAN HUNTER, and who I also appeared with in HIS TERRIBLE TWIN and CLOSED SET: THE NEW CREW....but in all three movies we never this will consummate all that)..SHOULD BE FUN FUN FUN! Otherwise, casting continues on Part 2 (tentatively titled HOLE). It was a little rough finding models on Part 1, but its been a whole lot of easier for Part 2. YAY!


Blogger Requiem4aDream said...

Love your movies... well all bb movies to be quite honest. Just wanted to say hello. Good luck in the future :)
Sketchy Mess Jeoffory

1:48 AM  
Blogger Sean Storm said...

Hey buddy! Thanks for the comment. I am really glad you enjoy my recent bb flicks. They have been fun to create and produce.... and at the same time I am still getting condom video work (which I never expected to get after doing the initial bb flicks). Anyway, thanks for writing me and telling me what you think.

7:32 AM  

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