Friday, April 21, 2006


Every once in awhile there comes a porn shoot that just doesn't go as smoothly as planned. And yesterday, April 20th, was just one of those days. It started well enough the night before. My business partner for Cre8tive Juices and I called each of the models to make sure they were still a go for the following day's shoot. By 10 pm we had confirmations from both that they would be at my apartment, cleaned out and ready to fuck, by noon. At 8 am model Steve Wood gives us a call and tells us that he has food poisoning or stomach flu, and was up all night with diarrhea. Forget that he sounded chipper and not at all sincere in his devastation that he couldn't perform. So Ian and I had to consider other possibilities for a model to top our bottom, who has disappointed that he wouldnt get to do the scene. I was able to find another versatile top, who showed up at 1 pm. BUT DAMN IT ALL TO HELL - the replacement model showed up high after a night of partying. He couldnt get a hard-on (despite us giving him a viagra and a levitra) - but our BOTTOM had a hard-on so we had the bottom fuck the top. WELL DAMN IT ALL TO HELL - after two minutes of the bottom fucking the top, the top complains that his hole hurts (i should point out that our replacement top is actually a bottom in most of his scenes to date). So with the replacement unable to bottom OR top, we had to call the shoot off. I won't reveal the name of the replacement. Sure, he should have saved us the wasted time by just telling us he couldnt do the shoot (people party, its a fact of life, and to be fair he wasnt scheduled to shoot for us that day anyway.) The real person I am pissed off about was the original top - Steve Wood. We came to find out that it was the THIRD TIME that Steve had cancelled out on having to perform with our bottom, Lexx. And if he has canceled 3 times with Lexx, how many times has he canceled at the last minute for other studios? So, for the first time in my one year of blogging, I am venting and letting all know that STEVE WOOD - an escort from Ft Lauderdale - is a real loser of a human being. And if I can spare another studio from not hiring him in case he screws them over, too - then I have done my good deed for the day. Because when it comes down to it, there are a LOT of other serious performers out there who would love the work and the exposure of working for us. And the consumers watching the movies deserve dedicated performers to do the job. So, yesterday was the day from Hell - and in the end I wanted to just throw in the towel with making movies. But today is another day, and the show must go on. JUICED will get released, and it is going to be an awesome film. You'll see...


Blogger retro said...

P.S. if you ever need a bear in his mid forties let me don't need Viagra or Levitra to

7:29 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

If you ever need a avg built vers/btm - bearish guy let me know..STL MO here..

8:08 PM  

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