Friday, April 28, 2006


Several months ago VERONICA MARS was released onto DVD. It is a TV show on UPN that I missed in it's first season on the air. So I patiently waited all last summer for it to come out on DVD so that I could watch it prior to the start of its second season on TV. Well, it took months into the second season before the series was released, and it happens to be one of those shows that each week builds off the plots laid out in weeks previous. When the show FINALLY came out on DVD, it's near-50 dollar tag price seemed too high to buy (Its funny how our spending habits change. I remember when QUEER AS FOLK season 1 came out and I paid over a hundred dollars for it. I would never spend that much on a single season of a TV show nowadays. And even 50 bucks seemed reasonable at one time. I would still pay 50 bucks for a show that I know is a favorite of mine, but VERONICA MARS was one of those shows that I didnt know if I would like or not, and I never sampled it on TV because I didnt want the episode I would be sampling to spoil any mysteries for me). So FINALLY TARGET has slashed the price for VERONICA MARS temporarily this week. It normally sells for $44.99 (and 49.99 at Best Buy)...this week only it was selling for $22.99 at Target. BAM, the time to buy was NOW! But when I got to TARGET (after seeing the price reduction in a Sunday newspaper advertisement) I drove to TARGET only to find out no copies were left in the store. The cute boy behind the counter gave me a rain check. For 4 days I kept calling, but no luck: the store hadn't received any new copies yet. Finally, yesterday, after being put on hold for over 15 minutes, the gal on the other end of the line said they found just one copy left. I gave them my name, Greg (Yup, that's my real first name, Sean Storm fans), and that evening I drove back to Target and got me some VERONICA MARS: SEASON ONE. I watched two episodes last night and I am hooked. The show is getting some brutally bad ratings on UPN, and whether it makes the UPN-WB merger network CW's fall lineup won't be known until mid-May. Yes, VERONICA MARS is an intelligently written series that currently has about 18 little mysteries of it's own going on in and around fictional JUPITER high school. But the biggest mystery of them all is whether or not Miss Veronica will be around for her Junior year.


Blogger George said...

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Blogger Sean Storm said...

Hey there George! AWESOME! I have only seen two episodes so far, so I didnt pick up on what year she was in. I will be looking forward to finishing off the first season on DVD, and then consuming the second season.

One of the great things about blogs is being able to share and expose the things we think make great entertainment.


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Blogger Sean Storm said...


In the blog I state that Veronica Mars went to Jupiter High. In fact, it is Neptune High that Miss Mars attends.

8:17 AM  

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