Saturday, April 15, 2006


I LOVE MAY! For starters, the box office starts heating up with the summer releases. Kicking things off is the highly anticipated POSEIDON on May 5th (with DA VINCI CODE on May 19 and X-MEN 3 on May 26th). There are also a number of DVD releases that I'm going to be buying: FACTS OF LIFE (seasons 1 and 2 on May 9th), NANNY MCPHEE (May 9), the original POSEIDON ADVENTURE: SPECIAL EDITION (May 9), THE PRODUCERS (May 16), WINGS (Seasons 1 and 2 on May 23) and JOEY (Season 1: May 30th: I know, I know...."WHy?" you ask. Well, because even though the show sucked, it completes my devotion to FRIENDS). May is also the month that all of the broadcast networks announce their fall schedules at the advertiser upfronts in New York. This is when we find which shows from the current season will or won't return in the fall. Which means that next month some of our favorite shows will have their last new episodes EVER before biting the dust (ahem, JOEY). Currently here is what I watch on TV on TiVo: WILL & GRACE (NBC: this show won't be back in the fall, but you already knew that).... TOP CHEF (Bravo: I love it, but it's not as good as PROJECT RUNWAY, but then again, what is?)... LITTLE BRITAIN (BBC AMERICA: BRILLIANT comedy. I am going to be buying the first season on DVD VERY SOON. I saw it at Best Buy last week. CHECK THIS HILARIOUS SHOW OUT NOW)... SOUTH PARK (COMEDY CENTRAL. I hadn't seen this show in YEARS, but when Chef left, I started watching it again. PERFECT ANIMATED COMEDY)... SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (NBC: I love, love, LOVE this show. Even when the casts haven't been that good, I still stuck with SNL. And readers of my blog already know that I have a HUGE crush on newcomer Adam Samburg)... DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (ABC: I know, this show ROCKED last year, and only TREMORED this year. But Carol Burnett joins the show as Bree's stepmommy. AWESOME!)...LOST (ABC: The best hour of television on television. My ex gave up on it at the beginning of the year. I can't convince that the show is better than ever. I really liked the first season's focus on survival. But this year the mysteries of the island really exploded with the arrival of the Others. I am sure things will taken an even more exciting turn in year 3)... LESS THAN PERFECT (ABC: this comedy has been undervalued and underappreciated for 3 years. And it looks like this year, its fourth, will see even less exposure. Heck, ABC waited until the last month of the TV season to premiere it. But I'll take it in any form...including the never-before-aired episodes that will inevitably appear on the DVD when it comes out).


Blogger henry said...

hey sean it's good to see your blog. i think the storyline of season 2 started to become loose after episode 9 ... don't u think so? a lot of timewasting/unnecessary flashbacks ... i think prison break is far more intriguing at the moment, esp it's with wentworth miller...

12:52 PM  
Blogger Sean Storm said...

Hey Henry

I think Wentworth Miller is a hottie, too. Since I have already missed every episode of PRISON BREAK this year I am going to hold up on watching the show until I can buy the complete first season on DVD this summer

7:26 AM  
Blogger Mitchikov said...

Hi Sean!
I'm bloody so happy that I could find out your blog here, also noticed that you are the huge TV fan! Me too! My most favourite is absolutely Lost! Then, Alias...Dark Angel....The American Idol....follows many! But above all, your films are simply outstanding than anything else! Am I crazy? Every morning I see one of your film, or the other way to say, you are always in my choice's film!, and jerk off! Gosh! Dreaming rick your hole and cum in your magical hole!!
From a Japanese swimmer, Luka
( A lot of people say that I am looks like the Korean guy in Lost...!! He is so great! So I am happy to hear that, and also so happy to hear that you are his fan! Ha ha!)

Ciao for now!

7:36 AM  
Blogger Sean Storm said...

Hey Luka

HOT EMAIL! I really get off reading about how others have seen me getting boned raw. It's great to be able to talk about barebacking in one sentence, and LOST in the next. And YES, the actor who plays Jinn is smoking hot!

4:30 PM  

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