Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Getting the hang of blogs ... finally

I have to admit that I didnt even know what a 'blog' was until just a few months ago. It's one of those words that you dont like to go around asking people what it means.

But after reading a few blogs religiously (gaysexblog.net being the key one), it made sense to me start up my own blog, especially coming off a very challenging 2004.

This whole 'porn star' thing can get itchy at times. Back when i had only one solo JO video under my belt in 1999 I was a far cry from being able to call myself a porn star. I figured to get that honor a performer had to have at least 6 videos on his resume, be listed in the Adam Gay Video Directory, be nominated/and maybe win some prestigious awards, and be all over box covers and magazines.

It took between 2002 and 2003 for me to finally be able to call myself a porn star. I definitely put in the work, won the honors of peers, and worked very hard at putting on a good show.

But then in mid 2004 I decided to venture into doing bareback video work. And with that decision comes a blacklisting and silence from those who I had once worked for in the safer sex studios. I suppose some of my 'star quality' was tarnished in the process. But prior to my bb stuff, i really had to question what was next for me. Certainly, new performers were taking over.... and I really felt I accomplished whatever I needed to do.

Am I still a porn star? I dont know the answer to that anymore. I guess only time will tell if the work I am doing today will gain acceptance by my peers down the long road. In any event, thanks to Raging Stallion's Chris Ward and Michael Brandon I was given 3 recent returns to my glory days of safer sex video work: GAY DREAMS 2, PARTY IN THE REAR!, and THE SHAFT. It certainly felt good again on those shoots to 'be back among the porn stars' ... even if my star had started to dim.


Blogger StormFan said...

Hey Sean,
My favorite videos of you were on Fratboy Amateur Videos, which you never ever talk about. Was it a bad experience? Was the director a real jerk? You went all the way to Paris for some of them. I see that one of their recent videos was nominated this year for "best amateur video" at the GAYVN awards. Please tell us about your experience with them. With all respect to your hot professional work, these are my favorites!

8:49 PM  
Blogger Sean Storm said...

Hey Stormfan

The Fratboy experience was middling (neither a good experience, nor a bad one). I pretty much talk about the more professional flicks that I have done, and sometimes tend to overlook the earlier amateur stuff. I will admit that the Paris video i did for Fratboy is Excellent, and I am glad you enjoyed it. You may also want to check out the three videos I did for vidkidtimo called Storm Surge, Taste of Chicago and Simple Persuasion. The only GAYVN award I have won was for Best Solo Performance in OPEN TRENCH 2: FUCK FANTASIES. I did, however, win Best Video at the barebackjack video awards last year. The experience was also mixed. The video turned out very good, but I had conflicts with the editor and videographer...so thats why i started up my own video company, and our first release is DIRECT DEPOSIT. Check it out at www.cre8tivejuices.com

12:48 PM  
Blogger Legisnew2002 said...

Hi Sean,
Clever idea to have your own blog. I have traded emails with your for a long time.

I hope your new film direction is successful. The bareback films are exciting to watch but we all know the possible consequences.

4:49 AM  

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