Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Heart Becki and Michael

Sure, America Ferrara and Vanessa Williams are WONDERFUL in ABC's UGLY BETTY, but equally great to me are newcomers Becki Newton and Michael Juri as image-obsessed catty Kathy's AMANDA and MARC. This duo is my new JACK and KAREN. They have a great wicked camraderie together. Every scene they are in they bring some of the best line deliveries and facial expressions of any new TV characters of the season. In fact, I absolutely LOVE IT when Amanda does her little purring. It's a character trait she has made her own - I love to hate to love her. She isnt pure evil - but she is FAR from being angelic. Whenever she doesnt something aweful, she can usually follow it up with a tic or expression that signifies an underlying pain. As for Marc - sure, he is a stereotype at times and doesn't portray gay men necessarily positively - but HELL TO ALL THE PC CRAP! People like MARC DO exist, and he's damn spot-on in the role. LOVE YA, MICHAEL! And love ya, too, Becki! Keep it Ugly, guys!


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