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I was a HUGE "FACTS OF LIFE" fan growing up. I enjoyed the stories and thought the best came when Edna opened EDNA'S EDIBLES and then OVER OUR HEADS. The show suffered when Cloris Leachman took over, but still endured for ten seasons on NBC. I wanted that damn little show to go on forever. ....Last month FACTS OF LIFE SEASONS 1 and 2 came out on DVD. If anyone would like to throw his or her own two cents in I would like to know who your favorites. In order here are mine: 1. BLAIR (yes, she was beautiful, but she also had a heart, which became warmer throughout the show), 2. MRS GARRETT (She was a smart cookie by leaving Gary Coleman behind for a school for girls), 3. JO (I didnt like her back when the show was on, but catching her on the DVD made me realize I was wrong. She is awesome....and a lesbian to boot), 4. TOOTIE (Easily the best comedian of the girls), 5. NATALIE (Often annoying, but always smiling). FYI: Of all the actresses who appeared on THE FACTS OF LIFE it was young PRETTY IN PINK herself, MOLLY RINGWALD, who went on to have the most successful career (but what a BRAT she was on FACTS)


Blogger juliepadooly said...

TOOTIE (for the comedy) - but only when she was on roller skates. After the skates and the braces came off, she morphed into a socialite wanna-be ala Blair. Although NATALIE was a fave too. I was also a brain that had the misfortune of being attached to a less-than-desirable (at the time) body, so I understood her angst.

And yes, of course, Charlotte Rae over Cloris Leachman ! But, Cloris over Charlotte for Frau Brucher in Young Frankenstein !!! LMAO

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Blogger Jake said...

Hey guy! I'm trying to start to blog more about film and stuff, so I really think you should check it out. You might find it quite interesting ;-)

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Blogger DannyBoygrr said...

Hey Sean - My top five of all time would be:
1. Cindy
2. Jo
3. Natalie
4. Blair
5. Mrs. Garrett
Here is a trivia question for you:
What was the name of the headmaster at Eastland?

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Blogger Craig said...

I was a big Jo fan when I was growing up. If we had all gone to school together, Jo and I would have been each other's beards, and Natalie would totally have been my hag. I also loved the dynamic between Blair and Jo, how the two fought so much but ended up becoming best friends.

My favorite episode ever was the one where Tootie fell asleep after watching a horror movie and dreamed they were being stalked by a killer, รก la Ten Little Indians. The scene where Blair was moussed to death was hilarious.

Trivia: Mindy Cohn had no acting experience prior to Facts of Life. Charlotte Rae insisted on hiring her after meeting her at the auditions because "she looked like a Natalie." Also, the theme song was written by Alan Thicke, who later went on to star in Growing Pains. Yes, I have actual brain cells devoted to this.

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