Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Catching up in TV LAND

ANDY BARKER, PI: After the second episode of this NBC sitcom, I lost interest (as did the rest of the U.S., it seems: BARKER has been bandished to Saturday night)

THE RICHES: I made it to the first ten minutes of Episode 3 before I realized how much I hated this new F/X network show. Sorry, Minnie!

TOP DESIGN: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Project Runway and I HATE HATE HATE Top Chef. TOP DESIGN fell somewhere in between. I completed this show from beginning to end and it was just okay. I hear Cycle 4 of RUNWAY is in the works, WHEW! I have SHEAR GENIUS on stand-by. BRAVO, Bravo!

ACCEPTABLE TV: Check this one out if you are into the whole YouTube craze. Basically the show is 5 episodes of short tv skits. Viewers then vote on their favorites. The two highest ranking shows return for Episode 2 the following week. It's pointless, but addictive. From the mind of Jack Black, if that helps.

CLATTERFORD: I have been slowly getting more into this BBC America comedy from the terrific Jennifer Saunders. Not for everyone's tastes, but if you like British humour, you just might like Clatterford.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

JUICED: The Choice is Yours!

Viewers of JUICED: THE NEED TO BREED will have the choice to see the sex scenes with music or see the sex scenes with no background music. If you choose to watch the movie without the music you will still hear the natural sounds and moans and groans. I know not everyone likes background music pumped into their porn - I, in fact, am completely mixed on the topic. At times, I just want the naturalness of sex, but at others the music can certainly facillitate a scene and make it more powerful. In any event, the CHOICE is yours to make. HAPPY STROKING, guys! And girls, hope you enjoy the hell out of it, too! ;-)

Saturday, March 17, 2007


THE RICHES: After only seeing the pilot episode, I have to say that I am curiously intrigued about this new FX show. At times it was a little hard to stomach (it can be really funny...really harsh...and sometimes violent), but that mix, though disjointed and uneven at times, gives it a notoriety all it's own. I'd like to see the dark humor amped up even more, however. I think it will take a few weeks to find it's legs, but once the characters are firmly established in their new roles, I think the show will earn A status. For now, a B+

ANDY BARKER, P.I.: I enjoyed this new Andy Richter comedy, and it was great seeing ELLEN's Clea Lewis and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT's Tony Hale back in action. The series is laugh-track-less and is shot single-camera (no studio audience) style. So you will have to laugh on your own without the help of canned laughter or a studio audience (THANK GOD!). Again, as with most pilots (i.e., THE RICHES), I think the show needs to settle into it's groove before I can make a final analysis, but so far, so good. B

Saturday, March 10, 2007

JUICED: THE NEED TO BREED video preview... now up and running on the website.

Also, the master of the movie was shipped off today for duplication. So now its just a matter of a week or so before the copies come back to us and then we can start satisfying some cocks out there. ;-)

Re-Visiting My TV Faves...

The 2006-2007 TV season comes to a close in just 3 months. So I thought I would take a look back on my Early Fall Favorites before they aired and how they are doing now. First, STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP, 30 ROCK and THE CLASS have all under-performed, as we all know. In the best position to get renewed is probably 30 ROCK. I doubt STUDIO 60 will come back, especially if NBC picks up another low-rated critically-adored show called FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS instead. Or who knows, maybe all 3 NBC shows will bite the dust. Personally, I would love to see CROSSING JORDAN and LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT get canned. Other NBC early casualties were KIDNAPPED and TWENTY GOOD YEARS. The BIG success story for NBC this year was HEROES, which also happened to be one of the shows I was most excited about seeing. Over at ABC, the big show for me was UGLY BETTY, and it rocked! I also had hoped BROTHERS & SISTERS would be another good-trashy soap opera, but it's more boring-family-drama soap-lite instead. And after a few early episodes, I bowed out of it. But it has done so-so in the ratings, and ABC will likely pick it up again. MEN IN TREES also has a shot at renewal, especially if OCTOBER ROAD (replacing it on Thursday nights) tanks. However, if OCTOBER does really well, ABC may make a decision to keep it instead (or maybe WHAT ABOUT BRIAN will exit). In any event, ABC has some awesome new drama pilots in the works (GREYS ANATOMY spin-off, FOOTBALL WIVES, DIRTY SEXY MONEY, CASHMERE MAFIA). ABC's comedies THE KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY, BIG DAY, HELP ME HELP YOU, IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: all HORRIBLE! And does anyone even remember THE NINE, SIX DEGREES or DAY BREAK? No, it's probably a foregone conclusion that ABC will be cleaning house at the end of the season and adding some awesome high-concept shows to replace them next fall. CBS had the least to worry about at the start of the season: they only premiered 4 new shows: THE CLASS, JERICHO, SHARK and SMITH. Only SHARK has made the Top 20 during this winter season, with JERICHO losing out to AMERICAN IDOL and now in danger of not making it back for round 2: ditto THE CLASS. On any other network, THE CLASS and JERICHO would be successful enough, but with so few holes in CBS' schedule, SOME shows are going to have to exit so that newcomers can come in. And SMITH is already gone. FOX had a bad fall (again): STANDOFF, VANISHED, TIL DEATH, HAPPY HOUR, and an entertainment-law drama that I can't think of off-hand, nor do i care to even go find out (I mean, is it really worth it since it's been cancelled anyway?). The only show worth coming back is TIL DEATH. I would like to see it paired up with ACTION NEWS to create an EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND-alum hour: Brad Garrett in TIL DEATH and Patricia Healey in ACTION NEWS. At The CW: the newcomer RUNAWAY. Already gone. So overall, not a great year for the nets, with HEROES, UGLY BETTY and SHARK being bright spots.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sean Storm Videography: 39 Movies

FratBoy Sean & Friends (Aka SexBoy Sean) Citiboyz Video
The Orgy Boiling Point Productions
Storm Surge Marais Media/Timo
Simple Persuasion Marais Media/Timo
5. Taste Of Chicago Marais Media/Timo
Man Academy Centaur Films
Playing For Keeps Centaur Films
Serious Reamage YMAC
Tight Ends & Wide Receivers Part 1 Centaur Films
10. Tight Ends & Wide Receivers Part 2 Centaur Films
Chip's Video Studbook #2 Centaur Films
Open Trench 2: Fuck Fantasies Sports N Recreation
Hard As Rock Blue Blake
Closed Set: The New Crew MSR
15. Man Academy 2: Rites Of Passage Centaur Films
Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig Centaur Films
Rascal's Graduation Gang Bang Catalina Video
Try Me On..For Size Falcon
His Terrible Twin Catalina Video
20. The Homecoming Studio 2000
Man Hunter Centaur Films
The Seeker Studio 2000
Sex Pigs, Volume 1 MSR
Face Ryders MSR
25. Sean Storm FratBoy Days FratBoys Video
Dieter's Dungeon SpankThis!
Storm Drain Helix Studios (Bareback)
Cumsloppy Buttholes Treasure Island Media (Bareback)
Gay Dreams 2: San Francisco Nights Raging Stallion
30. Monster Bang 6: Party in the Rear Raging Stallion
The Shaft Raging Stallion
The Storm Chronicles: Episode 1: Direct Deposit Cre8tive Juices (Bareback)
Wild Rangers 3 (non sex role) Centaur Films
The Storm Chronicles: Episode 2: Hole Milk Cre8tive Juices (Bareback)
35. Sean Storm's Collectors Edition Centaur Films
Hole Sweet Hole Raging Stallion
The Storm Chronicles: Episode 3: Storm Surge Cre8tive Juices (Bareback)
Juiced: The Need To Breed Cre8tive Juices (Bareback)
39. Marine Crucible 2: Cocked and Loaded Centaur Films

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My connection to UGLY BETTY's Wilemina

Okay, this one is kind of embarrassing, but here it goes. Back when I was in high school I was discovering my attraction toward guys. It haunted me that I might be gay, so I went through an 8 month period where I did not jack off thinking about guys. Instead, I could only jack off to looking at pictures of women. It would sometimes take me an HOUR to get a hard-on looking at nude girl pix. And the only porn I had access to was the one magazine that my Dad had in his drawer: the infamous Penthouse issue featuring Miss America Vanessa Williams posed on the cover with George Burns. I can still see the future UGLY BETTY actress fully nude and macking with another unknown female actress. I can't tell you the number of times (and HOURS) spent looking at her naked in order to get a boner just to prove that I wasnt gay. WRONG! Not only am I gay, but now its conceivably possible that Miss Williams has seen me naked too. Sure, highly improbable...but still possible. (WINK)