Friday, May 19, 2006


The last of the broadcast networks has announced it's fall TV line-up. The merging of The WB and UPN into The CW for Fall has a Best Of both former networks approach to the new season. Only 2 new shows join the fold for this innaugural line-up:...Mondays see the surprise return of 7TH HEAVEN, followed by newcomer RUNAWAY. 7TH HEAVEN was The WBs most popular show, so it's return should provide some nice ratings for launching RUNAWAY. But going into it's 11th season, it's hard to know how long the publice will continue to support 7TH...Tuesdays see the return of GILMORE GIRLS paired with one of my favorite shows on the air, VERONICA MARS. I REALLY hope GILMORE will provide VERONICA with the ratings the show so dearly deserves. If it doesn't, I am afraid this will be the last we will see of VERONICA MARS...Wednesday's give us the HUGE AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL and the little seen ONE TREE HILL. I tuned Tyra out after Cycle 4, but the reality model show still delivered big for UPN last year....Thursdays find SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL. If SUPERMAN RETURNS is a huge hit this summer at the box office, look for a ratings bump for SMALLVILLE. I didnt get a chance to see SUPERNATURAL last year on The WB, but if a DVD of Season 1 comes out before the second season starts on The CW, I will be watching. My only fear for SUPERNATURAL is the super tough competition the show faces: CSI on CBS, GREY'S ANATOMY on ABC, STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP on NBC and THE O.C. on FOX. As a rule, one of these shows will bite the dust by December. I sure hope it's not STUDIO 60 or SUPERNATURAL.... Fridays serve up FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN...The CW doesnt broadcast on Saturdays...On Sundays The CW brings to the table a 2 hour comedy block: critical darling EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS, ALL OF US, GIRLFRIENDS, and GIRLFRIENDS spin-off THE GAME....Of the scheduled shows, I will be TiVoing two: VERONICA MARS and SUPERNATURAL


Blogger IHeartAnya said...

Supernatural has been holding its own and maintaining a lot of the Smallville audience. It is a great show and the season finale was brilliant!

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