Friday, September 08, 2006


I just finished reading my third Douglas Preston/LIncoln Child book in a row (STILL LIFE WITH CROWS). But let me backtrack 2 books to THE ICE LIMIT and let you all know my thoughts on it, THE CABINET OF CURIOSITIES and CROWS.....First up: THE ICE LIMIT. I have to admit that this book really had me juiced with excitement. The basic premise is about a guy who is hired to find the biggest meteorite to ever hit our globe: and it takes him and several characters WAY down South...right down to the ice limit that leads to the South Pole. But after an engaging first half, the direction of the book goes south, too...and what started out as a promising adventure turns into a revenge story that's been told before (and BETTER) by other authors. I don't want to spoil the outcome, but suffise it to say I was EXTREMELY disappointed with THE ICE LIMIT. It is BY FAR the worst book by Preston and Child that I have read (and to be fair, I have yet to read BRIMSTONE, DANCE OF DEATH and BOOK OF THE DEAD).


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