Friday, September 08, 2006


EXCELLENT!!!! Up until COC, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have mainly written books of adventure (MOUNT DRAGON, RIPTIDE, THUNDERHEAD, THE ICE LIMIT), in addition to their most popular (the creepy THE RELIC and RELIQUARY). Bringing back two of my favorite characters from THE RELIC (Special Agent Pendergast and journalist Bill Smithback) was a welcome surprise. But nothing surprised me more than how creepy and harrowing and spooky COC was. This book showed a whole new twisted side of the authors as they masterfully and graphically presented a story about the sinister exploits of a 150-year-old-plus serial killer stalking present day New York City. The grand finale of the tale is SO disturbing that it sent chills through me (and continues to freak me out as I type this out). I don't tend to like extreme-graphic books, so it caught me off guard that my favorite authors would write a book such as COC. But it's so well-done, and so spot on that it actually is among my three favorites of Preston/Child (THE RELIC and THUNDERHEAD being my other two faves). From the opening 'discovery' to the final quote and sentence, THE CABINET OF CURIOSITIES is a creepy rollercoaster ride of prose.


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