Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Sorry for the month delay, but I have been a very active with work. Cre8tive Juices shot two scenes last weekend: a 3-way scene with Bo Knight, Michael Foxx and Billy Lee London for STORM SURGE, and a 1 on 1 scene between Bo Knight and me for JUICED! The scene between Bo and I was bittersweet because Bo told me it would be his last before retiring. And's somewhat official without Bo making any announcement himself that Bo Knight has retired from doing adult videos. ...... Recent DVDs that I now own are Season 1 of I DREAM OF JEANNE, Season 3 of BEWITCHED, Season 1 of FANTASY ISLAND, Season 1 of TRIPPING THE RIFT and Season 5 of VOYAGER. I just started BEWITCHED last night - this is the season where Tabitha makes her first appearances.... I was somewhat disappointed to see Daniel V lose to Chloe on PROJECT RUNWAY, but both designers are talented and deserving of the win, and I am sure we will be seeing some great things come out of both. And as much as I loathed Santino throughout the season, I was glad to see him become a little more human in the finale. My dream would have been to have Daniel V, Nick and Andre being the final 3 at Olympus Fashion Week. ...With PROJECT RUNWAY over, I am now quietly becoming addicted to TOP CHEF. It has the same format of RUNWAY, and a cool red-headed lesbian named Tiffany that I am rooting for.....Anyone watching LITTLE BRITAIN, FOOTBALLER'S WIVES or CAMPUS LADIES on cable? They are three of my new favorites.... Sorry to see BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN lose to CRASH, but I honestly didnt feel BROKEBACK was the best film of 2005. Still, for the shear joy of seeing a gay movie win, I was rooting for it.....George Bush: Approval Rating at an all-time low. I won't go into politics on here, but I WILL grin broadly at this development....That's all for now. It's out to the studio now to tear down the STORM SURGE set and move forward with getting the movie readied for release.


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You are just of the age where Brokeback see being gay in the 60's was neither easy nor much about love in most instances...

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