Thursday, February 16, 2006


I spent Valentine's Day this year home alone watching season 1 of CHARLES IN CHARGE on DVD. I know, I know...that doesnt sound too romantic, right? Well, for me, it was actually an enjoyable experience. CHARLES IN CHARGE was one of those must-see TV shows for me whenI was a kid. And though Scott Baio and Willie Aames were great eye candy, the hottest person on that show was Jennifer Runyon, aka Gwendolyn Pierce. Now you have to remember, I was only 14 when CHARLES IN CHARGE debuted on CBS in 1984 - a full TEN YEARS before I came out as being gay. So for me, Jennifer was my hetero crush.....I also bought GIMME A BREAK season 1, but just didnt feel like Nell Carter on Valentines Day., PROJECT RUNWAY is nearing the end of its season, and with Nick out of the picture, my only faves of the final four are DANIEL V. and CHLOE..... I grew up with a siberian huskey named Sheena. I think huskeys are BEAUTIFUL creatures, and I look forward to seeing Disney's new release EIGHT BELOW - not to mention hottie Paul Walker is the male lead (sorry Gwendolyn)...... I watched the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, and just a little figure skating and luge - but for some reason I can not get myself interested in the ceremony this year. Is it just me?.... I just found out NBC is returning JOEY to the listings, probably to burn off the rest of the new episodes before they decide to can it..... Casting continues on STORM SURGE and JUICED! This past week I have been working on set construction for a retail store for STORM SURGE. Bo Knight will be fucking two bottoms in the scene. Then he fucks me for JUICED the following day. Oh wait...I've said this info already. I guess you can tell I am looking forward to seeing Bo again......speaking of Bo's: Bo Bice has a new music video out. Can't wait to see that man perform again. And on Leno: more Dick Cheney shooting Quail jokes.


Blogger volsfan said...

Sean...are you watching American Idol this season? There are some hotties on there and would be interested in getting your takes.

I have watched the Olympics more this weekend than I did all week. The U.S. Men's Curling team are all cuties. I would like to be curled by them!

9:16 AM  
Blogger Sean Storm said...

I am on a break from AMERICAN IDOL. I watch the show every other season so I don't burn out on it.

4:12 PM  

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