Saturday, November 19, 2005


Ahhh, Wilma is now history. It tore into the roof of my apartment complex and made a mess of Ft Lauderdale, and left me without power for two weeks..but now life goes on again. (Actually tropical depression Gamma is heading our way as I type).... Since Wilma, I found out that Raging Stallion just released a fisting scene that I had shot for them back in September of 2004. Taurus and I were the fisting tops to fisting bottom Joshua Adams (mmmmmm). It was my first fisting top scene (Chris Ward directed me through it). The movie is titled HOLE SWEET HOLE - not to be confused with my own HOLE MILK, which gets released in a couple of weeks. The pre-orders for HOLE MILK will start in a week, but you can call Cre8tive Juices at 1-888-523-LOAD to keep posted. HOLE MILK is looking reallllllllly reallllllly good too. It has plenty of eye-popping set stuff and a good music soundtrack, and stars Ben Archer, Brad McGuire, Drew Peters, Austin Shadow, Alex Pitt, Devon, Troy Knight, Cody Andrews and Ian Rawlings.....I have gotten sooooo far behind in my TV habits (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, OUT OF PRACTICE, LOST, SURFACE and INVASION are all busied up on the TiVo). It's difficult keeping up to speed when there is Season 2 of Bewitched, Season 10 of Friends and Season 2 of Arrested Development still to watch. NOT to mention HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE and RENT just opened in theaters. All of that final-week editing and prep work to get HOLE MILK out to the public before Christmas is what's slowing me down. NOT to mention I am reading my second favorite book EVER (excluding Harry Potter books), Lincoln Child's UTOPIA.....I just found out ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT has had it's season reduced from 22 episodes to 13, which is NOT a good sign. Also, JOEY is looking less and less likely to go to season 3.....mmmm, Bo Knight will be fucking me soon!!!! ON FILM! Can't wait to film that one.... well, as you ALL can see I am an entertainment NUT! I can't get enough of it. What does anyone think about Madonna's Confessions On The Dance Floor? I bought it and my verdict is still out. Don't miss THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE on NBC SUNDAY NIGHT (well, actually the reviews have sucked, so go ahead and miss it. As for me, I will just add it to that never-ending TiVo list of mine)


Blogger TOS said...

I gotta say I like the new Dumbledore actor as compared to the old one in the movies... the new guy is much more energetic as opposed to the last guy (no offense to him - sad he passed on).

I just discovered your blog, but I got a good chuckle out of the toll-free phone number. Love it - the titles too. Can't say I'm a fisting fan but it sounds interesting to hear someone talk about it just like a normal day at work.

Good luck - will check your blog again.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Sean Storm said...


Thanks, sexy!

I agree, the new Dumbledore (Michael Gambon?) is a much more effective Big D than the previous guy (I want to say his name is Harris?). I still havent seen GOBLET yet, but it's on the Turkey Day agenda.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Rob_Melbourne said...

confessions on a dance floor is an awesome album , forbinnen love and jump are my fave songs , but MUSIC is and was to date madonna's best album . tell me what do you think of KYLIE MINOGUE ?

9:22 PM  
Blogger Gef said...

That's so true. Can I ask where you get your great info?

Sean Cody

7:52 AM  

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