Thursday, February 02, 2006


Bo Knight will be fucking me in one of two scenes we have scheduled for Bo for Cre8tive Juices. He will be involved in a 3-way scene for STORM SURGE on Feb 24 (sans me), but then the following day, Bo and I go 1 on 1 for a scene for JUICED!, which will be the first all-sex movie released by my company..... SURFACE comes to a close next week, and none too soon. That series looked great last summer when it was being called FATHOM, and even started out strong in the fall. But then things just took way too silly of a turn, and the NBC series will end it's run early right before the Olympics..... To those PROJECT RUNWAY fans, it's exciting to see that 4 of the final 6 are gay men. Nick was an early fave of mine, but anymore his actions (along with those of Santino) are getting old. In face, even Nick's designs are starting to have a sameness to them. Nope, my REAL fave at this point in the competition is Daniel. Not only does he come up with consistent, different designs, but he also seems to be the nicest, mosts-together of the group. I soooo hope Mr Daniel gets to Olympus Fashion Week...... The next movie I want to see is Colin Farrell in Terrence Malick's A NEW WORLD....Did anyone catch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL on Disney Channel? I have it on TiVo, and will be watching it very soon. I am wondering if anyone has seen it, though, and what they thought of it? The made for cable flick became Disney's highest-rated movie ever.


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Enjoy the ride man...enjoy the ride!

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