Sunday, December 11, 2005

Entertainment Updates

I am about to go see NARNIA right now, but the movie I REALLY want to see is KING KONG. It looks AWESOME. HARRY POTTER & THE GOBLET FIRE..not so much. It was still, good, though.....on TV, anyone checking out PROJECT RUNWAY: SEASON 2 yet? I have it on TiVo. I really liked the first one, which just came out on DVD. Of all of the reality TV, RUNWAY is about the only one that holds my attention anymore. I probably wont get into AMERICAN IDOL this time out. I seem to be into it every other cycle. BO BICE - looking forward to his new CD. And kudos for Carrie Underwood- she will make a fine winner, after all....on the porn front, I just released THE STORM CHRONICLES: EPISODE 2: HOLE MILK at I think it's even better than the first, DIRECT DEPOSIT. We are just two scenes shy of getting CATEGORY 3: STORM SURGE completed, as well as our first all-sex video. Okay, that's the Entertainment Update. Everything else is going well in my life: just frantically Xmas shopping up a Storm.


Blogger land without borders said...

hi sean,
i remember your first sex experience is without condom,and at that time you freaked out,what make you wanna do BB adventure in 2004?to me,it's like a U-TURN of your life.forgiving my rudeness,i guess you are HIV+ before you do bb video,right?i must confess you looks hot in those bb videos.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Sean Storm said...

My decision to start barebacking came after a couple of years debating about it within myself. It really came down to turning 30 and being melancholy about what it would really feel like to have sex without condoms. I didn't want to live the rest of my life missing out on it. I knew ALL of the risks involved, and ultimately found my answer that I wanted. I can't speak for anyone else who has made the decision to bareback and why they chose to. I also do not think anyone should just DO it without weighing all the consequences....and I ABSOLUTELY do NOT think anyone should go out and bareback just because "Sean Storm does it". I made my bb decision a year before I got into porn, so porn in NO WAY or SHAPE had any influence on me. I also didnt do drugs, so my mind was very clear on my decision. It's just a decision that was, and 6 years later continues to be my preferred way to have sex. This doesnt mean it's the smartest choice I have made, but it does mean that it was ENTIRELY my choice. And I have no regrets. I am very happy with my life, and happy with the friends I have made and the two dogs that I love and dote over (Nikita my Italian Greyhound and Cory my long-haired chihuahua).

I didnt find your comment rude at all. Now if you had asked me if I was HIV+, then I would probably have a problem with you. I think there is a certain privacy that each of us has, be it those in the sex biz or not....and I like to maintain that privacy. If a potential sex partner is wondering if I am HIV+ or not, then I absolutely would be forthcoming with information so that he could make an informed decision.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Dearest J. said...

Hey,Sean,I didn't know you until today,I just watched one of your movie,and I loved it.You did a great job.
I am very looking forward to your own stuff.
And I love your Blog,too.I could feel you as a person,not a porn star,I mean porn star is more like a star than a person.I actually know your personality better now.
Merry Christmas,
best wishes from China.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Dearest J. said...

Oh,BTW,You do watch Project Runway?and One of your favorite movie is Titanic?Glad we have something in common.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Sean Storm said...

Yeah, I have officially limited my Reality TV watching to JUST PROJECT RUNWAY.

I havent gotten to see the new TITANIC release with all the added footage. Have you? Is it any good?

2:43 PM  
Blogger Dearest J. said...

I have something about Project Runway on my blog,I wondering if you are interested.Check it out,
and who are your top 3?

About"the new TITANIC release with all the added footage",I really have no idea what you are talking about.I don't think we have it in China.Sorry,can't help you.
Take care.

7:48 PM  
Blogger Sean Storm said...


I LOVE IT! ESPECIALLY when you mention under the PROJECT RUNWAY spot that 'SEAN STORM LOVES IT, TOO'! AWESOME!!!!!

8:15 AM  

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