Sunday, May 14, 2006


SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want to know what I think of this movie, then read on. None of the film's plot is revealed, so you are safe in that department. ....Every year ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY puts out its annual summer movie preview issue, and every year I choose the top 15 movies I want to see, in order. This year POSEIDON topped my list. But terrible reviews this week began tainting the desire in me to see the big P. I still wasn't going to let the waterlogged reviews stop me from seeing the film, and early today I did get to experience the remake to Irwin Allen's disasterpiece. ....Other than a hyped-up killer wave tumbling the ship upside down, Wolfgang Petersen's remake IS a disaster. I had high hopes for this PERFECT STORM auteur, but other than a few intense scenes, the flick was beyond cheesey. I still have the original SPecial Edition version of the original shrink-wrapped and waiting to be seen - with all 9 deleted scenes and bonus features aplenty. For me, that will be the comfort viewing that I so hoped that the remake would have provided. Since the movie is full of stunts and CGI, I wont spoil any of the plot developments for anyone still wanting to see the movie. RUN TO THEATERS AND SEE IT NOW or WAIT FOR THE DVD: This one is a little tricky. I really didnt like the movie, so I dont recommend seeing it in theaters, but then again, if you ARE going to see the movie, it does deserve to be seen on the big screen for all of the spectacle of explosions and other disasters. I'll just say, skip it entirely. D+


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