Thursday, September 22, 2005


Believe it or not, but one of my favorite parts of pre-production is going to garage sales and looking for set pieces, in addition to painting flats and creating a set in the studio. This past weekend my business partner IAN RAWLINGS and I hit the jackpot. For a scene in the upcoming STORM SURGE, the action takes place in a mall retail store. What we needed to make this set piece realistic was a glass retail counter and a cash register. Lo and Behold we found both within 2 hours of our garage sale rendezvous (plus the PLANT HOLLYWOOD GAME for 1 dollar, the EDDIE & THE CRUISERS soundtrack for a dollar and SNL: THE BEST OF WILL FERRELL, VOL 2 for 3 dollars..those items being for myself and not STORM SURGE). .... It feels a little odd to be shooting a hurricane-themed movie called STORM SURGE as Hurricane Rita just got upgraded to a Category 5 as I type this out. But if ABC can still show INVASION's Hurricane, and CBS can still air CATEGORY 7: END OF THE WORLD in November, then I think a porno called STORM SURGE that shows men in heat (literally) while fictional Hurricane Oliver keeps them indoors in a hot orgy doesnt sound so exploitive....Speaking of INVASION: I found it to be only somewhat entertaining and give its premiere a C-, whereas SURFACE's pilot showed a lot of promise, earning it a B....SEAN STORM'S COLLECTOR'S EDITION is now on pre-sale at ...and the next Cre8tive Juices movie, HOLE MILK, shoots its last sex scene next weekend before going into the editing phase.....a big hello goes out to SAUL at TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA who checked out my blog last week and sent a hello. Treasure Island Media has a lot of hot, creative product of their own coming out the gate. T.I.M.'s pulse on the bareback video market is UNTOUCHABLE, making my little slice of TIM history, CUMSLOPPY BUTTHOLES, something of an honor to have been a part of. ....Adios!


Blogger Kody said...

Been thinking about getting into the film business lately... would love to pic your brain sometime!


Great blog BTW

10:45 AM  
Blogger Ayoye said...

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Blogger Sean Storm said...

Thanks Kody...I am glad you enjoy my blog. Sooooo, you want to get into the film business. You can always email me at if you need some answers.

As for ayoye, i checked out your link (with trepidation). And sure enough its just a means to advertise.

Still, regarding blogs... I think its really a persons personal choice to present in any form that person feels the blog fits himself.

12:10 PM  
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