Thursday, December 28, 2006

BEST OF TV 2006: 5-1

NUMBER FIVE: HEROES (NBC): All the attention seemed to be focused on STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP on Mondays on NBC when the fall season began. But out of left field came this multi-character hero ensemble (though the success of XMEN and SUPERMAN RETURNS had to have some sort of effect). Each week I become more and more engrossed in this great-looking series. What is even more cool is that the series is very much an adult show and not some kiddie-knockoff. I mean, where else on network or cable television do you get a superhero show that isnt afraid to show people get their skulls sliced clean open one moment and making jokes about jumping into the time/space continuum the next? NUMBER FOUR: LITTLE BRITAIN (BBCAmerica): This import is the funniest sketch comedy show EVER! And that's saying a LOT coming from the guy who's been a fan of Saturday Night Live for 25 years out of its 32-year existence. I have seasons 1 and 2 on DVD and the third season was just released. I am waiting for new episodes to arrive on BBCAmerica. And for optimistic gays: the two lead men who headline the show just got married in real-life. NUMBER THREE: UGLY BETTY (ABC): I had high hopes for BETTY when she premiered in early October, but I had NO clue the show would capture my attention the way it has. First, the look of BETTY has a style all it's own: which is no wonder since the backdrop of the show takes place in a high-fashion magazine world. Second, the blending of comedy and drama is picture-perfect, and the casting of America Ferrara in the lead, and Eric Mabius and Vanessa Williams was nothing short of brilliant. Kudos also to the actors who play the snob receptionist and the gay assistant: I can't remember their names this year, but will surely know them by heart come next year. UGLY BETTY has a strong gay following, and it's surprise why: fashion seems to be in vogue with fag boys everywhere. Just witness: NUMBER ONE: PROJECT RUNWAY (Bravo): Yes, the best show on TV doesnt appear on the Big Five network schedules, but rather on the cable outlet Bravo. This, along with QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY has put Bravo on the map, and with TOP CHEF and TOP DESIGNER picking up the audience leftover between RUNWAY cycles, Bravo shouldnt be losing any steam anytime soon. I dont know when the 4th round of RUNWAY will begin, but I am certainly jonesing for it. My favorite season is Numero Uno, just because it was new and my little secret. The best CAST though is season 2 (Go Daniel V and Andre and sexy Nick!). And it just goes to show you how great a show like PR is when a HORRIBLE season 3 couldnt even stop me from ranking PROJECT RUNWAY as THE BEST SHOW OF 2006! Bravo, INDEED!


Blogger Sean Storm said... my excitment to bridge the fashion-themed UGLY BETTY and PROJECT RUNWAY I erroneously omitted NUMBER TWO: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (CBS). This show has become my new FRIENDS. The interaction among the five leads is hilarious. I started watching season 2 when it began in the fall and just got season 1 on DVD for Xmas. I will be catching up with my new 'friends' very soon. ;-)

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