Thursday, December 28, 2006

BEST OF TV 2006: 10-6

NUMBER 10: LOST (ABC): This show probably had the biggest fall from grace for me this year. The first 6 episodes focused almost entirely on Jack, Sawyer, Kate and The Others - leaving very little screen time for some of my favorite Losties on the main island. Personally, I could care less about who Kate wants to bone her, nor do I care to see these main characters constantly locked up behind bars and locked into underwater tanks. I also don't want to spend half of my hour in flashbacks. What I DO want is to see this story move forward more quickly. Because if it doesn't, shows like fast-paced shows like HEROES will continue to drive LOST further and further away from my interest. NUMBER 9: DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (ABC): The novelty of the first season is over...and the nauseum of the second season has subsided. That leaves a wonderful return to form for season three. I have enjoyed DH a lot this year so far, and the only reason it has slipped is because of my desire to promote some great new shows that premiered on the tele this season. So unlike LOST, which I found reasons to complain about, I can't find much at all from Desperate Housewives to complain about. GO BREE! NUMBER 8: SMALLVILLE (The CW): Here's one of those Better-Late-Then-Never shows that I discovered. SMALLVILLE is now in its 6th year, but I just recently got into it after buying the first 3 seasons on DVD. Now I know what all the fuss is about. Tom Welling is BEYOND hot, and the show does an excellent job of creating new interesting stores while continuing to stay faithful to the mythology of Superman. NUMBER 7: VERONICA MARS (The CW): Here is a close runner -up to LOST in the "Losing Interest" department. After two excellent years in high school, Veronica lost her mo-jo when she went to college. The Campus Rapist storyline just ended (YEE-HAW), so here's hoping to a better, more intelligent Second Big Mystery. The fans DESERVE it. NUMBER 6: SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (NBC): Even though the show is in another creative slump, 32 years is hard to just ignore. True fans of SNL already know that there will forever be creative bumps..that's why we stick them out until the Next Great Ensemble comes together. Already, Andy Samberg is one of my all-time favorite performers, and Amy Poehler is doing some of the best work of her career (whew: Nancy GRACE is spot on). The SNL DIGITAL SHORTS are modern masterpieces and I am looking forward to getting the compilation disc when it comes out. Until then, SNL SEASON 1 found its way into my stocking over XMAS and I will be watching the classics right along with the new output.


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