Sunday, December 24, 2006

BEST TV 2006: 20-16

Here are my 20 favorite TV shows of 2006. It is an account of shows that are currently in production (though not necessarily currently on the air), which is why we see PROJECT RUNWAY, but not WILL & GRACE. I have blocked things into 4 groupings: here are the slots occupied by 20 through 16. NUMBER 20: THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW (syndicated): I tried to get into Megan Mullaly and Rachael Ray, but it was Ellen's show that consistently entertained me and made me laugh. Her show is the perfect program to watch while sweating my ass crackoff on the treadmill. ....NUMBER 19: EUREKA! (Sci-Fi): In 2007 Sci-Fi delivers us THE DRESDEN FILES, based on the books of everyone's favorite wizard/private eye hybrid. I am looking forward to it, but for 2006, I got my Sci-Fi fix by watching the quirky EUREKA. I find Colin Ferguson to be a perfect speciman of a man: he makes me hard as he makes me laugh...PERFECTO! Anyone who has seen DIRECT DEPOSIT, HOLE MILK or STORM SURGE already knows that I like a little humor with my boner. I will admit that the quality of the Eureka's were a hit and miss, episodically. But with a greenlight for season 2, I am hoping the producers will fix what's broken. And this show DOES have some broken parts...but since it IS about inventions, I have complete faith that all will be well again in summer 2007. And before anyone nails me for not mentioning BATTLESTAR GALACTICA on my Top 20 list, it's ONLY because I have yet to see the series. I know it's getting great reviews, and maybe I will start viewing BG next year. NUMBER 18: SCRUBS (NBC): This is year 6, and it's as brilliant as ever. I totally dig the tone of the show: quirky, comedic, and at times dramatic. By now, I know the characters, and Zach Braff is a brilliant talent (GARDEN STATE, anyone?). Hospital shows have always been hard for me to stomach (chalk it up to a year as a nurses aid en route to a failed attempt at a nursing career for me back in 1996), so that's why you won't find ER, HOUSE or the very good GREY'S ANATOMY on my Top 20 List. NUMBER 17: CAMPUS LADIES (Oxygen): Season 2 just kicked off, and it's just as funny as season 1, if not funnier. ANYONE who has ever gone to college and lived in the dorms will appreciate CAMPUS LADIES: it nails it..a believable dorm comedy. I went to Eastern Illinois University from 1988 to 1993 and lived in Taylor Hall and I was involved in campus and hall government. This show takes me back to that time in my life. YEAH! NUMBER 16: GREG THE BUNNY (Independent Film Channel): One of my favorite TV ON DVD discoveries a couple years ago was FOX's too-soon-to-be-canned GREG THE BUNNY with Seth Green. Little did I know that GREG first started out on IFC, and right now is enjoying a third round of independent film spoofs. It's a great way for me to enjoy new content of Greg (and knowing that he isn't just a sock getting moldy on a shelf some where makes me sleep better at night). On IFC, Greg gets to get high, say the F-word and show some flesh (both male and female), on a regular basis. It's 15 minutes of pure entertainment every week (and you can familiarize yourself with Greg with both the FOX show and the IFC originals, all out on DVD)


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