Friday, October 20, 2006

Loving LOST...

The first season of LOST was a brilliant depiction of people who crash-land on a mysterious island and try to figure out where they are, WHO they are, how will they survive the island and how will they survive each other. Very little was revealed about the island itself, which left many viewers, well, lost. Then came the second season: and though it was entertaining, it progressed slowly and spent too much time merging the tailies with our core crew and figuring out who the 'others' were. Not to mention the seriously unpopular Ana Lucia character getting in the way - and on our nerves. But then at the end of the second season something BRILLIANT happened: the show got really exciting all over again. The whole 'hatch' mystery was resolved, we met The Others, and Ana bit the dust. And so season 3 begins: and I am basking in new revelations and new mysteries: it's as if the first 2 seasons SLOWLY built up to something BIGGER than just an island with a hatch: there is a whole community of people living on this island. AND there is a HOTTTTTT newcomer in the form or Rodrigo Santiago (or something like that). The show will air uninterrupted for 6 or 7 weeks, then take a hiatus before returning uninterrupted in February for the rest of the season. Hands down, LOST is the Best Drama on television.


Blogger abnitude said...

you are absolutely right about this season of lost. i was finding this years networ tv a bit dull until Lost started again. the first epeisode had me hooked in 3 or 4 minutes. i hope they keep up the momentum.
your reviews are great, btw!!!

11:59 AM  
Blogger Mikey said...

I have to admit I have not watched Lost. I am going to have to!!! My Prof for social science keeps referring to it!!!I am 3 years behind and have no idea how to catch up. I feel like the kid that never gets picked for baseball when they talk about it, left out and cowering in the corner. It must be a great show cause everyone is watching.

5:59 PM  
Blogger juliepadooly said...

excuse me - DANIEL DAE KIM - 'nuff said ?!?!?!

7:02 PM  

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